San Francisco subway train shooting kills 1, wounds another


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I live in SF. My friends from outside the USA won't visit me here, which is more than a little ridiculous. Yes, we have problems, no we are not perfect, but it is a perfectly livable, great city. No one in their right mind gets on the metro - I certainly wouldn't. I either walk or get an uber. Shootings don't happen more here than any other US city. They shouldn't happen at all, but we are not the dangerous badlands that people make SF out to be. We need gun control. This is not an isolated SF issue, it is a gun problem which needs fixing.

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Third world problems..

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It's just background noise at this point. Gun fights on a crowded subway train? No civilised country would stand for it.

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My friends from outside the USA won't visit me here

I haven't been in a few years now, because of the pandemic, but I've been considering a trip recently, especially since I am in Canada right now. We have some clients there that I would like to visit face-to-face. I really enjoy SF.

But, any time I enter the US, I keep an eye over my shoulder. I've been in incidents twice where I've walked out of shops because people were getting aggressive, and you never know when guns get pulled in that country.

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Shootings don't happen more here than any other US city.

You realise that statement doesn't inspire any confidence?

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DR - You like living where you are, that's fine; but do understand that 'this bit of the country is safer than that bit, it's OK so long as you stay out of that area and watch your back wherever you go, not that many get shot, whaddevva ya do stay off the trains' - is not great advertising material. I'm not personally enamoured of Tokyo, cos I'm not big on concrete and neon, I prefer the open spaces and freedom of the inaka. But is it safe? Is it OK to take the train? - are not questions I need to ask myself before I travel into the city for the occasional shopping spree.

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Cleo, it is entirely up to you whether you want to take the risks of being in the USA with all our issues. I totally understand. I would say it is a little safer than Seattle, less edgy than Los Angeles, much much safer than Chicago. However, I felt safer in say, Boston. We are not as violent as NYC. Oakland over the Bay is much much more dangerous. San Francisco is a really lovely city. I adore living here. Beautiful scenery, good cool weather, relatively friendly people. Just don't hang out in the TL, or Civic Center, stay to the nicer areas and watch your surroundings. I have rarely felt unsafe in the Presidio, or Embarcadero. It is a city in the USA, what can I say! But I still really love it here, and much prefer it to Tokyo. Happiest I have ever been and my child is very happy indeed. We even have a wonderful and safe Japantown.

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@Strangerland - Hope you get to visit SF soon. It is my favorite place in the world. I am so lucky to live here.

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