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Sanders has most to prove as Democrats gather for 2nd debate


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Sanders has nothing to prove. He is solid. With those in his camp. Look at the polling numbers. He and HRC are impressively constant. Sanders pulls in 30%- 34% approval. He lack in the latino, single woman and black department.

No, Sander need not prove; he need persuade. He needs to persuade those Dems who back HRC, she with the proven track-record of delivery with those demographics -- to consider him.

Moreover, the Republican party must be destroyed.

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If I could vote, one reason Sanders would be my choice is because I'm sure he's the only one who could answer the question 'How did the penguins march across the desert to the big boat?' correctly.

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While Sanders is Americas best choice Americans are to stupid to take that choice.

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Single payer in the US is gonna happen sooner or later, 5 years, 25 years, might as well start now. Clinton is still in the pharma / wall street pockets.

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It's telling that the establishment GOP are so irritated with the current lineup that they have been trying to get Romney out of retirement.


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Game, set, match goes to the Dems then?

It's telling that the establishment GOP are so irritated with the current lineup that they have been trying to get Romney out of retirement.

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"Never going to happen."

Unless Hillary makes some kind of huge blunder. Then, if Sanders gets the nomination, it's all over, as the Republicans cannot win the Electotal College vote.

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Yes Sanders is a genuine man. Unlike his party opponent at the moment. The democrats don't seem to have a plan B if Hillary is indighted. The GOP is still overloaded but choices are better than none.

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True, very true. But if you throw all of these social and economical issues together, Sanders would spell another disaster. I actually, like the guy, think his heart is in the right place, but come on....seriously? Never going to happen.

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Who cares about foreign policy! The nation wouldn't last 3 months under 90% tax rate.

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Besides giving FREE stuff and wanting rich people to pay 90% in taxes. What about his foreign policy?

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With an escalated FBI investigation announced this week he may be the shoe in!

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