Sarkozy tells Obama: Netanyahu is a liar


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Never thought I'd say it but I'm starting to like Sarkozy! And Obama's 'off the record' reply was priceless. It all confirms what many think....that Israel is basically the bully in the Middle East that doesn't really want to make any compromises.

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Sarkozy, although I don't like him much, is 100% correct. No wonder everyone was uncomfortable and/or embarrassed -- he said what everyone thinks (except those in denial).

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Nice gaffe Sarkozy.

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Supposedly they were talking about France's YES vote for Palestine's UNESCO application, which was a bit surprising. I'm wondering how much Sarkozy's personal opinion created the torpedo.

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Ah, Fun with gaffes!

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One politician calling another a liar. Oh, how rich.

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In the remarks Thursday in Cannes, Sarkozy said: “Netanyahu, I can’t stand him. He’s a liar.”

Oh so harsh. Your grand daddy is rolling in his grave.

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Come on!! This is just French humor!!

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Call a spade a spade. I wish there was more of this because then we wouldn't have to watch leaders pretend to play nice and like each other. The guy is a liar and have no intentions of bringing peace. Obama needs to wake up and stop playing nice to Israel.

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That may be true, but is it of the "pants on fire" variety? We like our taunts to be more specific.

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This has to be staged. I mean, Sarkozy finally admitting to Obama that he thinks Netanyahu is a liar? Yeah, right. Sarkozy himself lies every day as a matter of course -- it's his job -- so to accuse another politician of the same is not plausible. If Sarkozy had said something like "He's a (expletive)!" then it might be a bit more believable.

Sarkozy's office had asked the journalists not to turn on the headsets until the news conference began.

A bit like telling a kid left alone at the table not to touch the dessert. Or since it's the corporate media I think it's more likely they were quietly 'told' to turn the headsets on rather than 'asked' not to.

Seems to me their "leaked" chat was simply part of the usual theatrics to keep people confused and is probably part of the new transparency promotion.

Like a famous politician once said "nothing in politics happens by accident."

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Or since it's the corporate media I think it's more likely they were quietly 'told' to turn the headsets on rather than 'asked' not to.

Yeah, right. Let's conveniently forget the article and the fact it points out that 'The comments were deemed private under French media traditions' in favor of claiming the 'corporate media borg' is doing evil and devious things again.

"nothing in politics happens by accident."

Hmmm, just like the promotion of conspiracy theories.

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Your grand daddy is rolling in his grave.

Are you saying that no Jew would call Netanyahu a liar? Are you saying they all think the same?

For once, its nice to hear a politician tell the truth.

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Frankly, Netanyahu's opinion of Obama and Sarkozy is what I would take to the bank.

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that's because fundimentalist birds of a feather stick together.

Thankfully it's the moderates get elected.

No person outside of hamas has done more to screw up the ever-elusive peace deal than netan"they hate us for our freedoms"yahu

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It is nice to hear a personal criticism of the Israeli prime minister which is not a criticism of Israel as a state itself. And no one shouts anti-Semite. That's a real improvement.

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That's a real improvement.

Not really, since it was never an issue of people shouting 'anti-Semite' if someone makes a personal criticism of an Israeli prime minister or a criticism of the state of Israel and the criticism is not merely a veiled a criticism about Jews. Lots of people have made personal criticisms of past Israeli prime ministers and of Netanyahu and those people were not called anti-Semites.

An anti-Semite might be someone who spreads false claims such as Sharia-like bus laws in Israel in order to make the claim that Israel is a scary country. Sarkozy did nothing like that.

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