Saudi Arabia executes 47 people, including top Shiite cleric


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Saudi Arabia executes 47 people, including top Shiite cleric

No surprise here. Saudi's de facto constitution is "islam" itself. Sharia law is so barbaric.

Lord forbid if you're a christian living there. You would not be allowed to practice christianity, you'd be executed just like the 47 here. The US needs to re-evaluate its relationship with Saudi.

Saudi executions are usually carried out by beheading with a sword.

No different than ISIS. And is it really surprising the 1 cleric was a "Shiite" muslim? Talk about a political statement. Sheesh-

The kingdom’s current Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef oversaw a crackdown on the militants at the time.

The US should crackdown too. Stop allowing princes to come to the US. Places like California, where they fornicate and or wind-up getting arrested for sex crimes.

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"the Sunni-ruled kingdom’s east, where the Shiite minority complains of marginalisation."

What's up with that?

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Saudi Arabia gets away with murder (literally) only because of its oil. Shame on The United Stars and other Western countries for turning a blind eye.

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Burning BushJAN. 02, 2016 - 09:19PM JST And how many were executed just for being homosexuals? But don't expect a peep from the West about that. Not a peep.

Clue us in then, Oracle. How many?

Rather strange to see a fiercely loyal Putin supporter worried about homosexuals after Dear Leader's recent hate campaign, but there you go.....

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Saudy Arabia executes 47 people.

A lighthouse of Democracy and Freedom.

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Sounds like they're executing the scum of the Earth. Good job Saudi government.

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No one calls the US barbaric.

Heh: But at least women WON'T get stoned to "death" by an unruly mob for adultery, In the US, a woman who has been raped MAY testify in court against the rapist, in the US women MAY drive, Saudi men MAY have 4 wives / Saudi women 1 husband, there's NO death penalty in the US for criticizing a christian bible, in the US they may NOT amputate your hand for theft . . . . . . the list goes on & on.

Major League Infidel here.

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It pains me to see the way so many Western countries suck up to the Saudis. It is a disgraceful regime.

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Looks like Saudi Arabia is looking to climb the executioner league table in 2016. It'll be hard to depose China as champions but it could be an interesting scrap for the other top places between the likes of Iran, the US, Somalia and North Korea.

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The Shiite-Sunni war in the Middle East is heating up, and Western governments, in their infinite wisdom, are supporting BOTH sides... but lifting the Iran sanctions and supporting ISIS against Assad at the same time.

The situation is so insane, if it was a novel people would say it is ridiculous.

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Barbaric government. Note to self: Don't go to Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi executions are usually carried out by beheading with a sword.

These are the guys taking the fight to ISIS?

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The beheading of the Shiite Cleric has caused a stir in Bahrain. In iran they're thrashing the Saudi embassy and protesting in the streets. Yet, the saudis deny the killing was sectarian. This might get crazier.

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Burning Bush:

" ISIS obviously has a state backer. "

ISISI has several state backers: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and indirectly the USA. For that matter, Assad also has state backers: Iran and Russia.

Comparing the 7th century ISIS brutality with their genocide and slavery with the authoritarian Assad regime, which protected minorities like Yazidis and Christians, it is clear which side the West should be on. But is not...

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