Saudi Arabia defends app allowing men to monitor women relatives


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Sounds like hackers need to get involved here to scuttle this app.

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I believe the app is called, “Wheres My Wife?”

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What year are we in again? Talk about a Stone Age mentality!

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Can we have an app to monitor the hate preachers sponsored by Saudi Arabia spreading intolerance around the world?

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APPLE and GOOGLE do the right thing and shut that app down. You may even save a few women's lives in the process.

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Interestingly that software can work "both" ways.

In any case.., any "surveillance" software that takes away the "freedom" of movement as with "expression" without "consent" is a infringement that I would oppose.

However, I am not in a position to tell them what to do.

I do want to tell ALL corporations (social media included) and countries, especially including my bank and investment firms to stop your surveillance in the name of account security. It is bad enough that my Residency Card has tracking that records what train station I used.

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It is bad enough that my Residency Card has tracking that records what train station I used

That's your suica, not your residency card.

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Ladies start tracking your husband.

Perhaps once the patriarchs get a taste of their own bitter medicine they'll stop being bulling A-holes.

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The law needs to be corrected in Saudi Arabia. This is the first step.

Preventing Muslim women from travel without approval and tracking their location everywhere is fine in SA, but tracking Muslim men outside SA is not? Isn't there a clear, concise word for that?

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How about appointing another Middle East Muslim Prince and diplomat for the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Right Office?

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be most qualify person for the United Nation High Commissioner for the Human Right Office.

Those rulers in Middle East are not civilized peoples. They have money but they are stupid and idiots

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All Apple and Google have to do is ban this app, and others like it, from it's platforms.

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