Amid massive demonstrations, Macron delays King Charles' visit


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France's place in history as the nation that abandoned feudalism, initiated modern day liberal democratic value is now at risk, or as a minimum is regressing under ex-banker Macron rule.

Fight back!

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Macron is smart enough to know that banqueting with King Charles in the palace of Versailles is bad timing and worse optics when millions of angry people are out on the streets rightly worried about their future in a country run for the welfare of the 1%. They are not going to be fobbed off with Macron's "cake" or "pie in the sky". And given the precarious state of the UK, King Charles, too, will have to tread carefully after his coronation so as not to alienate his subjects.

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Sh1mon M4sada, 'modern day liberal democratic value'? You mean cutting people's heads off, drowning nuns in the Loire, smashing up Europe all the way to Moscow and centralising and increasing the power of the state to a terrifying degree? Scary. Look at Article 3 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen: 'The principle of any Sovereignty lies primarily in the Nation. No corporate body, no individual may exercise any authority that does not expressly emanate from it.' Not much of a right is it? No room for civil society there! Basically it's the origin of the totalitarian movements of the 20th century: fascism and communism. It means that all power is delegated by the state, even the authority of parents over their children.

The Revolution also mobilised and militarised France through a truly toxic nationalism (read the Marseillaise!) which drenched Europe in blood.

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Should let Charles understand the hardships of ordinary people. He has been hiding in comfort too long!

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The Revolution also mobilised and militarised France through a truly toxic nationalism (read the Marseillaise!) 

I take it you're referring to the song "La Marseillaise". While quite violent, I don't think it can be seem as nationalistic. It was originally focused against invading powers and tyranny. It was stopped being sung as France's anthem under Napoleon (and banned completely under a short return to monarchy), which might suggest tyrants and dictators are not so fond of it.

On the other hand, I think a prefer powerless monarchs to presidents with substantial powers.

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Timing is everything!

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While no monarchy expert, seems Charles is staying well in the background as a policy-maker influencer, likely because we're ALL living in such dangerous times. Seems the right move, so that's encouraging!

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while on tv giving the “everybody gotta sacrifice” globalist line? Macron slipped off his 80,000 Euro watch under the table. Forgot he was wearing it then realized it.


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