Schools in Australia barred from showing gay film


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Even for conservatives, this stuff would be easy to swallow

Easy, now.

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Adrian Piccoli is a one-time next door neighbor of mine at university. He's actually a nice chap, just a rice farmer with a control complex. Furthermore, despite his depiction in this article, he's not anti-gay at all. For him, I would assume that this issue is more control.

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Gayby Baby??? sounds like an ideal title for the next Bond movie.....

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nothing like having a bunch of lesbian, gay, transvestites, and bisexuals on film showing a good example of parenting. NOT!!!

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I thought democracy meant power of majority of populace. Now we see a noisy minority enforcing its values on majority of people. Very sad. This "torment them untill they become tolerant" thing is definitely out of control.

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So True Okinawa, lemme get this straight (pardon the pun). Children would still be better off in a “normal” family setting even if hypothetically one or both parents were abusive, neglectful, unsupportive, uncaring and unloving? Through your holier-than-thou eyes a gay couple could never be decent so how could they possibly raise a child. Have I got that right?

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One man's meat is another man's poison.

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This "torment them untill they become tolerant" thing is definitely out of control.

Not in your motherland komrade. Hasn't Dear Leader has made it a legal obligation to crap on gays recently?

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@Asakaze"Now we see a noisy minority enforcing its values on majority of people"

Correct. Glad that there are countries where all those perverts are still outlaw.

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C'mon all you Russians...

All that love for action man Putin looks like good old fashioned latent homoerotic stuff to the rest of us.

It's amusing to read the last gasps of bigotry against gays. It's like the last of the racists determined to keep segregation years back. No wonder the sentiment is shared by Conservatives!

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C'mon all you Russians...All that love for action man Putin looks like good old fashioned latent homoerotic stuff to the rest of us.

C'mon all you gays....

I've never said that I particularly liked Putin, and normal people with normal viewpoints live not only in Russia, but your noisy homopropaganda is sooooo boringly the same...

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In Australia, pro-same sex activists are promoting same sex culture instead of protesting discrimination against gay and lesbian peoples. If you against same sex and then your evil and they demonized you. On the ABC TV's Q&A program, Labor MP accused the Lady as gay hatred promoter because she opposes same sex marriage. She was raise by two lesbian women and her experienced led opposing to same sex marriage. She said children need father and mother. I couldn't believe how man Labor MP behaves on the national TV.

I don't oppose same sex relation but I opposed using term of "Marriage" for same sex union. Now pro-same sex activists and some opportunists Politicians are promoting same sex relationship in public schools. Opportunist politicians are trying grabbed extra votes from pro-same sex group. They don't think about moral and ethical issue and future of nation. If left wing liberal activists won their same sex promotion and then we should change name of Australia to United State of Gay and Lesbian. Give me thumb down mate if you don't like my comment.

By the way, peoples should understand definition between opposing and discrimination.

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By the way, peoples should understand definition between opposing and discrimination.

When you're opposing equal rights, they are the same thing.

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@Madverts "C'mon all you Russians..."

Lol. So, if anyone has an opinion that matchs no current mainstream dogma, he will be Russian, right ? Nice logic you have....

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“There is no place for bullying, homophobia or discrimination in Australian public schools.”

Bullying & discrimination have no room. But the phobia seems reasonable to me. I'd be walking on eggshells on "open house" night, if there were more same-sex couples visiting the classrooms than ordinary (male/female) couples.

Schools in Australia barred from showing gay film

Good for Australia.

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Ew, Madverts, you disappointed me. I thought you British could keep your cool, but you're a complete failure on that matter. "Old people from a bygone age", "thankfully dying out"... I presume you just have no arguments.

I see no point in any further discussion with you. I only recommend you to polish your propaganda technique. As @yamashi absolutely correctly observed, now it is very primitive - you just call everybody out of the basic Western propaganda line "Russian" ("Oh, those Russians!"), and whatever the subject is always bring out the theme of Putin. By the way, you'll lose your bet, I don't have posters (photos, screenshots etc.) with him, I prefer to look at nice Japanese women! lol

Anyway, enjoy your drag queen posters.

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Not sure what is trying to be taught by using a orchestrated and choreographed documentary which probably is biased but not having seen it, I may be wrong here. Before schools show such films there should be viewings of any films by a broad spectrum of a country's parents and let them decide, not the schools, what is appropriate for their children to view. Schools are not parents and should not be promoting such propaganda to young minds, it's I think called brainwashing. I'm sure there are GLBT couples that could raise a child like any other family unit but human beings are the only animals on this planet that try to make it an accepted practice. 99% of nature is heterosexual based relationships and the rearing of offspring is done by a father and mother or as a group. Has there been any long term studies of children from same sex family units to see how they fare compared to children coming out of heterosexual family units married or unmarried. I guess only time will tell.

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So why is the movie rated PG15? Oh, let me guess. Homophobic people in the ratings org.

And that will explain why the rating was ignored.

It makes about as much as sense as giving the rating to a movie because it has an inter-racial couple, or opposing it on those grounds. Fact is, the students are going meet other students who have gay parents in a civil union. Its a legal fact of life.

But naturally, conservative think ignorance is best and want to launch their kids into the world unprepared for what awaits them. Its times like these I thank my lucky stars my family was basically centrist but I had a liberal mom. There were plenty of conservatives around and I can but pity them, even the ones richer than myself. They seem like a kind of zombie to me, feeding not only on others, but on themselves as well. So glad I am not dependent on the pain of others for happiness, unlike them.

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human beings are the only animals on this planet that try to make it an accepted practice.

Human beings are the only animals on the planet that do a lot of things. Shall we stop them all since the animals aren't doing them too?

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Strangerland When you're opposing equal rights, they are the same thing.

You’re wrong Strangerland. Opposing is not discrimination.

I have no problem with same sex relationship and same sex union but only I’m opposing for using term of “Marriage” for same sex union. Definition of marriage is “the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman” and not between two women or two men. We shouldn’t change that marriage definition.

I do not against legalizing same sex couples’ union. I’m not discriminating against same sex couples’ right for union and divorce like traditional heterosexual married couples. I’m not opposing same sex couples’ right for legal union and divorce. I have gays and lesbians friend. They come and go, and sometime they sleep at my home.

I want Academics to find proper term for same sex union. Same sex union is not universally recognized relationship and using term of “Marriage” for same sex couples will confuse in some countries where do not recognize same sex union even thought they may not be discrimination against same sex couples like in Muslim countries and Communist countries. Also children will confuse about marriage between man and woman, between man and man, woman and woman. Children must understand clearly about traditional marriage and same sex union.

Same sex couples can have equal right like what traditional heterosexual couples have. The only thing they can not be equal with heterosexual couples is they can’t have child like heterosexual couples because the nature of human body doesn’t grant them to conceive pregnancy by natural way. Child needs father and mother.

Promoting same sex relationship was wrong. We must try to educate children about sex but not promoting same sex relationship in school and their choice is their lives.

On the other hand, we have moral obligation to promote heterosexual relation because heterosexual relation is basic foundation for human future.

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@Chop chop"Child needs father and mother". Exactly. Child needs to get traditional values. In so-called "same sex couples" a child has many chances to become a pervert.

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Too much ignorance from the anti gay crowd.

Animals engage in homosexual relationships. Check out Bonobo Chimps,

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You’re wrong Strangerland. Opposing is not discrimination.

It is when you're opposing equal rights. Maybe you need to look up the definition of discrimination, as you don't appear to understand its meaning from your comments.

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Traditional values don't always mean good values. (India has a tradition of caste system - no good.)

Many children of traditional couples still turn out bad.

Children need good parents, whatever they may be.

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