Schwarzenegger slams Bush administration on global warming


California Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger said the Bush administration's decision to delay a decision on regulating greenhouse gases showed that it did not believe in global warming.

Schwarzenegger, in an interview with ABC television broadcast Sunday, said it would have been insincere for the administration to take action on the harmful emissions with only six months left in George W Bush's presidency.

"Well, to be honest with you, if they would have done something this year, I would have thought it was bogus anyway... because you don't change global warming and you don't really have an effect by doing something six months before you leave office," he told ABC on Friday.

Schwarzenegger spoke on the day the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a report offering no new action against emissions and calling for 120 days of public comment, essentially leaving any decision to the next administration.

Taking action at this late stage in Bush's second four-year term would not have been credible, said Schwarzenegger, who signed a historic bill in 2006 that made California the first US state to impose limits on global warming gases.

"It doesn't sound to me believable at all. The sincerity is not there," the governor said.

"I think that the way they have done it is much better, because it just really means basically this administration did not believe in global warming, or they did not believe that they should do anything about it since China is not doing anything about it and since India is not willing to do the same thing, so why should we do the same thing," he said.

The EPA's decision to put off any action followed a Supreme Court ruling last year ordering the agency to devise ways to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles under the Clean Air Act.

The Bush administration has fiercely opposed any imposition of binding emissions limits on the nation's industry and has refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas blamed for global warming.

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Good riddance to bad rubbish. Eight years of inaction.

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Bush laughed the whole thing off while in Hokkaido: "Goodbye From The World's Biggest Polluter" he said, and gave his usual head-bobbing grin.

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Go get him Arnold.

I have to admit when Arny got elected I was worried we were seeing the creation of "Reagan 2 The Return." But he has been pretty surprising for a Republican on a lot of fronts. I am pleased that he has been at odds with our useless cowboy president over the environment. Like most other issues, including the "disaster on terrorims" Bush has show a staggering lack of intelligence and insight. Not to mention denial and deceit.

Arnold on the other hand has been pushing for environmental changes that far exceed those proposed internationally. I hope he keeps up the good work on this front. And keeps up the criticism of what is clearly the worst administration and least capable president in American history.

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Good on Arnie. He must be repenting all those years spent in movies blowing up stuff and contributing to the whole greenhouse thing. But one Arinie side on this. Hope he gets Bush.......that man has done more to screw up the earth than anyone......

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"Taking action at this late stage in Bush's second four-year-term would not have been credible"

Yeah, taking the wrong action would not have been credible, that's why Bush didn't take the wrong action.

"China is not doing anything about it, and since India is not willing to do the same thing"

Yeah, they haven't been suckered by the environmentalists who believe we can significantly alter the Earth's temperature by torpedoing our economies.

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God help us all if you Americans vote in another of these Texan gangsters into the White House.

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"Texan gangsters"


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Texan gangsters

George W. Bush is from Connecticut. Sure he was Governor of Texas, but a lot of the folksy Bush persona is just an act to appeal to the average American. Most Texans don't sound like him, etc.

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Good point Tex, it never ceases to amaze me how gullible Americans are vis-a-vis GW and his (lack of) Texas roots. He was born and raised in Conneticut with a silverspoon wedged firmly in a certain part of his anatomy. Indeed, I don't know how his parents managed to insert it, considering that the space was already occupied by his head.

His Texas roots are just one more facet of the created persona that has seen a dim-witted, service-dogging chicken hawk, alcoholic XXXX elected to the most powerful in the free world. Moreover, I think that it is great that Arnold is putting the boot into GW. Over 8 years, GW has done nothing for the environment.

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“I think that the way they have done it is much better, because it just really means basically this administration did not believe in global warming, or they did not believe that they should do anything about it since China is not doing anything about it and since India is not willing to do the same thing, so why should we do the same thing,” he said.

Arnold understands leadership is about "Follow Me" not "After You."

I never expected to say this, but the Terminator has done a lot to reconfigure the public model of masculinity. He has demonstrated that real men, for example, can be environmentalists. And they can appreciate the perils of global warming.

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Inaction.. I have worked in a few plants and all had the extra expense of equipment and personnel to keep this extra equipment operational.. Now that China is taking over all the dirty industry and we have put so much money into pollution control that has hampered us as another stumbling stone to put us out of contention with these other countries that do not exercise even a fraction of pollution control we have here in the states and the rest of the western nations, I find it very ridiculous for us to take it even further and take us further out of the running as for competition with these so called developing nations when we have lost most of our manufacturing jobs as it is. It is time to practice these pollution controls by others that already have us over a barrel competively speaking when all are talking global warming and the heck with the others that are only taking advantage of our heavily enforced pollution control factors implemented over the last 30 some years while countries such as China are doing nothing!!!!!!!! I am not a supporter of Bush, but I am a supporter of trying to keep all fair when it comes to equal footing when it comes to production and right now it is not fair and equal when it comes to such countries as China.. This is just another nail in the coffin among others, of our domestic industries which is continually disappearing in the western nations. Like it or not, we should not be the only ones holding the burden and should not be more and more subjected to regulations that other countries could care less about and are doing nothing about global warming. These so called developing nations with growth rates of 10% will not commit to such standards, as many here wish we would go further with. But where is the anger and the riff against those nations that are doing nothing about global warming? These developing nations wish to play dumb as if they are to far behind to take on the same responsibilities. Just keep adding these additional burdens to our companies here as we run more and more of them out and they establish their bases in countries that could care less about pollution and global warming. I am for a freeze of all of this until those that are doing nothing , are forced to share the burden as well, which as for now they are not!!!! Just take a look at the air conditions where the Olympics are to be held!!!!!!!! Then look at the economical growth of that country compared to ours, as we are so called developed nations… What a CROCK!!!!!!! I am for supporting the environment, but not when it is only at our own expense while others are taking advantage of these same issues that are costing us jobs and industries and turning their backs on these same industries that further puts us out of contention when it comes to fair and equal competition between countries. Maybe that is another issue for the WTO to take up and to force upon those nations that could care less and that have no organizations confronting their deficiencies as us so called developed free nations have to contend with.! Hey. If we totally enforce it here at home and companies close down and move where there is no enforcement, the pollution will be sent up into the atmosphere regardless… but just from a different location.

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Yeah Sarge, it would be inconsiderate for george bush to do something now for the envirement after 7 yeaers of kissing big business's ass.

But Sarge, please tell us what george bush did during his administration that helped the envirement.

Anything that he did to help the envirement and not big business. < :-)

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Arny to GWB: "Asta la vista, baby"

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Good ol' Arnie. I wonder how Arnie's going to get on with President Obama??

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TonyUS, how many cars do you own?

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How many years did the US was polluting this world? And how many years China has an industry or known as pollutions to this world?

You will got a clue, the US like Mr Bush, a person just know blaming but protection of the interests of corporations. It was fair only US lead the way to clean up this world well this is consciences something not most of the american people dont have! Mr Bush wasnt the only one who escape from responsibilities but he was also making this world with the worst morale standard and doesnt deserved to be trusted! Arnold was the few that speak up unfortuntely he wasnt the one in charge!

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If we are already past the tipping point and we are in an inevitable every-nation-for-itself scenario, there is a certain logic to the position that Bush has taken even though I'm not sure that this logic would be what has led him to his policy.

On the other hand, if we have not yet reached the tipping point, continued US failure to provide either inspired leadership or willing cooperation is likely to be the sin of omission that tips us into climate disaster.

50 years ago we built bomb shelters in our backyards--well those of us who had backyards, anyway. Today it's arks with bombshelters in them. Look for how-to-build-it in Popular Science.

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Anyone, including Arnie, who believes all this man-made global warming BS is an idiot. Rock on GWB!

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Gyudon, "Anyone, including Arnie, who believes all this man-made global warming BS is an idiot. Rock on GWB!"

That one wins Joke Of The Day - it's always good to see some people still have a sense of humor at the end of the day :-)

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In the long run, it doesn't matter if the global warming is man-made or not.

What matters is how high the water is going to rise and if we should sandbag the river to protect the crops. Looking out your window and saying, "It ain't gonna flood!" is irresponsible and even Arnie knows that.

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Crusades, if you knew Americans, you'd know our culture is not based on "greed and ruin". What the hayo does "ruin" mean to you, young lady, anyway?

Most of us concentrate on raisin' our families, payin' our bills and cursin' the French. Join us.


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Joke of the day is reserved for people who believe in the man-made global warming hoax. The CO2 that people exhail constantly is a pollutant? Biggest joke of all.

Total crock scam meant only to increase government control and raise taxes. Maybe someday they'll actually come up with some credible evidence...

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Maybe someday they never will.


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"Total crock scam meant only to increase government control and raise taxes. Maybe someday they'll actually come up with some credible evidence..."

Maybe someday someone will cme up with some evidence to back up your claim of 'government control.'

Gotta love what some people come up with when the debate is already long over.

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sushisake. I own a few vehicles, plus, backhoe, dump truck, motorcycle, and.. what is the point? With the rise we have given China, I do not use any of them like I use to or would like, because of the price of fuel. It is not that I do not like Chinese, but it is that I definitely do not like supporting the government of China become more and more powerful and a symbol of control and force. Now if China was our friend and a country of the people I would not mind as much and also there would be more mutual understanding and I feel less competivness based on the power issue that China’s communists have always had as their goal at any cost, but again , just my opinion..

One point I will make is that now we have reached , as experts say a critical point with the destroying of the natural environment and now we have communist controlled China taking over the lead in pollution and many here want the US to take the responsibility of what is happening now when it is not just the US and other western countries. It is the lack of the industry regulations in China and where all of these corporations are going so not to have to abide by any regulations on emissions. You may talk about past years and pollution , but as we all know there is EPA and other environmental groups that hold a lot of clout in these matters and helps to establish pollution controls and emissions of our home based industries and at a very high cost.

Yes I agree with the idea Bush is kissing the butt of large corporations, especially those that have moved overseas eluding the expense of pollution controlling standards we have here as we speak. But we are supporting these large corporations that have moved overseas and supporting the continual flow of raw emissions as we buy the goods from countries such as China where the main pollution is now coming from. Yes Bush is kissing butt but not just of those left here in the US producing goods where there are emission controls in place but he has very openly supporting corporations that are putting raw pollution by the billions of tons into the air that are in China where the government has no one to be accountable to or groups to deal with and will not take into consideration as industries here and government here must contend with..

I do not believe the US should take any further action or add any more costs to what businesses are left here, but should stop importing items from businesses that are in countries that have not any regulations or organizations with any clout to stop the massive raw pollutants that these so called developing countries are emitting.

If we support China and the likes of, we are supporting total destruction of the environment. Now it is time to pressure the main polluter of the world and that is CHINA>>

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SushiSake, what do you call the mandatory additive of high-cost, polluting ethanol into gasoline which has raised the price of food world-wide, driven up gasoline prices, etc. which spurrs more taxes into government coffers? Yet another example of how liberals don't understand how the economy really works.

The globe warms and cools cyclically, and the whole man-made global warming scam is a total hoax.

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America should apologizing to the whole world for world pollutions and global warming. It was her industries polluted the world for more than 100 years and they are keep refusing to take the burden to cleanup this globe! Bushie was justa typical american who took free ride of wealths but lazy a& relutant to do her responsibilities. America has dome mega more harm to this world instead of constructive meanings. Chinese leaders Hu Jintao was right, he strongly refusing to share any responsibilities over Co2 emissions in G8 meetings over Sapporo was a message to all the G7 nations: Dont be ridiculous!

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To be honest Arnie is one of many righties who have been changing (or trying to change) the RNC stance on global warming. I was impressed that he was/is more concerned about his children`s future rather than corporate profits.

Bravo Zulu to him

Now the US is really a much cleaner nation that let us say....China or India......But the US has much more to do, and yes the last 3 Presidents have been trying to deregulate everything to help businesses to compete against the likes of China and India.

BTW for those that dont know the last three US Presidents were Bush 1 (R), Clinton 1 (thank god) (D), and Bush 2 (R).......

The problem here is they have caused a lot of harm by allowing their corporate friends get away with murder and pillage the US.

Most of us concentrate on raisin' our families, payin' our bills and cursin' the French. Join us.

That statement is dead on.....Now will the French here please lower their arms, the war ended!!!!LOL

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America shouldn't appologize for anything. No nation in the history of the world has ever done more to improve the wellbeing of the planet.

Man-made global warming is a hoax.

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How far does history go back for you 100yrs, 200yrs or even longer to the millenia that your ancestors come from.

Lets face it the USA(as a country) is still a fletchling state in human history. This is not slight.

But a fact, the USA still has not been around for the time that other empires have been around (may they be british, mongolian, greek phonecian, whatever).

I know americans don't like to hear it but european, african, etc history is also theirs, if you think you can leave the shores and thus the history/repsonsibilities you are way mistaken.

Just my view。

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The USA being only a couple hundred years old makes it's acomplishments all the more impressive. Many Americans are very proud of their ancestry and the countries they come from, appreciate the history that led to where we are now and continue to maintain ties with their origins. I'm greatful for all the countries of the world that contributed to making America what it is, and I look forward to all the cool things yet to come.

As for me, my great-great-great grandfather was king William of England, which ties me into most of the major European countries and I have no problem with that whatsoever.

However, while I'm interested in learning the history I don't feel I have any responsibilities. If you are inferring that the people of today should somehow be responsible or pay for the acts of people hundreds of years ago, I say that's bollocks.

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The USA may not have been formed and as old as many, but what was formed and shaped has made it the greatest nation in the world. Like it or not. All based on our principles. Now there is something no one else has yet to monopolize on and seems no one else wishes to , maybe because of jealousy knowing that if they tried and failed they would be seen as fools. The US has played their part in pollution control as we see in every plant that is still hanging on in this country with all the scrubbers that they were forced to build into their systems. To say we have lacked in any measures on pollution seems to be a mis guided outlook as for as I see it , we have only been the promoter of a cleaner environment that has spread the word around the world, except for a few such as should be the priority CHINA!!!!!!!! Let us hope our athletes come back still healthy from Beijing!!!!!

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Hi, Tony!

Don't forget India.

(-And Tee, our form of government is older than Canada's, France, Italy, Germany, China, Russia and on and on. Our good Allies, the Brits, have got us beat on this one, though. Our legal system is also founded on theirs.)


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And you forget the roman one which formed the basis for most western law systems, which predate the US ones.

But keep thinking the US invented it all and there was only chaos prior to the USA. Heck even the founders of the US constitution based it on british ones they grew up with(which in term stem from roman ones, etc).

Your beliefs are only against anything that has been proven and known in the west for millenia.

I admire your jingoism but you are way wrong. And a wee bit of study shows it.

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So now President Bush is to blame for Global Warming? We can no longer blame Red China, India, and Indonesia, three countries in Asia who produce more greenhouse gases than the USA? We can't blame the sun, whose 2005 activity was so severe that communications satellites were heavily affected, insomuch that there were communications blackouts on a regular basis? We can no longer blame the world's active volcanoesm, which spew out more CO2 and Methane than man could do in 1,000,000 years? Now its President Bush's fault? What, seriously, could he have done to stop this alleged crock of "man made" global warming???

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USARonin I was thinking about India as I was posting, but left it out because atleast it is a democracy and even in India the people have a voice when it comes to decisions and expression. So I give them some room as for reform forced by society which is not the case in China.

What ever the bas is for our system, we have only tweeked it to make it as the world leader in a system seen as a model for other developing societies to follow.

As a people based government, the voices are heard and followed when it comes to issues that have public support such as pollution control. Also the right to speak out freely and to assemble which brings up the right to protest the issues that are important. This is not the case with China and all seems to look the other way on issues when it comes to China. Just more and more disadvantages to domestic production., and we are supoose to compete?? Time for all to compete on an equal footing!

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