Scientists discover giant new planet orbiting two suns


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There are suns out there that make our sun about the size of the earth. It's not completely clear how spread out materials come together so much to form the incredible number of stars in the universe. And try to comprehend that stars are not the main source of matter either. I wonder if this planet with it's two suns gets much nightlife. After all, the rhythms of our solar system are inside us. No moon, no tides. Spring fever. Sleep. Our ancient history resides in us too. If you take an anatomy class, you learn that there are gill like openings in the shoulder areas of infants in the womb that close up well before birth.

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I like astronomy. Simply because its way beyond my imaginations, perceptions and understanding. As starters I can't comprehend the numbers expressed in distance, then the tempereatures on thosedark spots seen on the telescope lens. And someone just said that there is life possible in that spot. How far can this get!!!!

Nevertheless have to admit, this crap has its own market for sure, a better alternative to fairy tales at times.

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Great. Now only if a modern day Zefram Cochrane would come along and invent warp drive maybe we could do something with this stuff.

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@crazyjoe - how about Norma Cenva, the Holtzman Effect and her space-folding in Dune? That was even quicker!

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Well fellow space travelers Lets us transmute each other to other worlds its very easy our forbearers must have done it

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I guess we'd need twice the sunscreen too!

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What we have is already beyond incredible. Could you imagine waking everyday to see two suns?

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