Scientists urge stronger Paris Agreement pledges to curb climate change

By Timothy Gardner

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Basically some privately funded NGO issues an edict and 11,000 scientists just rubber stamp it.

Aren’t scientists supposed to dispassionately review evidence, confirm the data and replicate experiments to verify the hypothesis?

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Oil corporations around the globe, regressive states led by aging baby boomers like Trump in the owe of big corporations, states dependent on selling their oil and gas like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, the UAE, Kuwait and others to keep their ruling classes living in luxury, are paying scientists to counter claims made by the majority of the planet's scientists.

The global OILigarchs are joined by big farm and ranch along with other industries that want to continue to freely pollute. The global OILigarchs are backed by the globe's defense industries seeking even greater profits from wars for oil.

Conservation and alternatives to burning so much oil, gas and coal.

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For China and India to have such large populations, you would think they would apply biomass innovation to creating energy. It is backwards to still use coal. Bill Gates promoted a machine that I think can revolutionize waste and energy sectors.

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It's going to take some kind of a calamity, like NYC going underwater, before a global solution to the problem of climate change takes place. It's like that backbone road without a sign or guardrails at a particularly dangerous curve. Nothing is placed there until there's a fatal car accident. Same thing about climate change. The proper authorities won't act until it's too late and somebody's killed, then they'll react.

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I feel sorry for the generations to come. And of course, it will affect the poorest of the world's peoples first.

Nothing will be done until the elite are at risk.

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The vast majority of national commitments in the 2015 Paris Agreement are inadequate to prevent the worst effects of global warming, scientists said on Tuesday, .....

The report ranked nearly 75%, or 136, of the pledges as insufficient, .....

Results matter. It appears that the Paris Agreement is inadequate. Some people might even consider it a failure. Maybe they should start over?

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