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Scientists worry current could carry oil to Florida Keys


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Should not worry as you cannot stop it.

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$500 million on the spill so far.

Multiply that amount by about 20. All you need is a good hurricane and oil will be washing up along the whole east coast.

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Hopefully people will learn from this lesson, but my guess is they forget in a few weeks... well, save for their beach vacations are ruined by the black sands.

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They put a hole in the ocean floor without a cap and it's basically still spewing. This is hardly over. It's only just beginning.

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goddog I see your concern or the image you want to reflect.

I love listening to Rush. He's almost patting BP on the back.

That's the same as those people who want to get past this, why establish blame and we need to drill offshore without restrictions.

There is a lot more damage we're going to see. The destruction of coral reefs, shores and so much underwater life. < :-)

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There have been a lot of oil spills in history, some man-made, some natural. Eventually, nature deals with them, as with anything else. Faster in gulf actually, because of the high temperatures and therefore fast biological activity.

I bet my keyboard that most of of the eco-activists don´t realize that crude is spilling constantly naturally around Greenland, and has been for thousands of years.

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@WilliB You are right.And how much marine life is around there in Greenland? As for your incessant berating of Eco Activists. Please pause to think about how the earth would be looking now without the past 40 years of Eco Activism

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Greenland is teeming with marine life, as are other northern regions.

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I bet my keyboard that most of of the eco-activists don´t realize that crude is spilling constantly naturally around Greenland, and has been for thousands of years."

I knew of you above statement, but the below one shocked me and I went to the web and did a search and low and behold, you were right.

Anyway, even if the US stops its drilling, all the other countries in the region are going to drill. Sadly, its almost moot. We need oil whether you want to accept it or not.

I wonder if there is any hint of sabotage on this rig.

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I don´t believe there was sabotage involved, but it certainly would be one of the more plausible conspiracy theories around.

Anyway, I hope they discover a better energy source soon, but until that the world will depend on oil.

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"corals - living creatures"

Some people think corals are intelligent.

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Sabotage - "NO"

Stupidity - "YES"

Yeah there's a lot of oil that naturally is released from the ocean's bottom, but not at the rate that we're seeing from this leak. Sure small amounts of oil are released, but not 500 Million gallons in a period of 30 days.

You boys have been listening to and believing Rush's rhetoric too much. He's a blithering idiot who needs to pull that half of his brain from behind his back and start thinking with a full brain.

I hope this pushes the energy industry to start moving toward wind and sun. Accidents like this don't help the environment, even though there are posters who down grade it's damage. < :-)

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" I hope this pushes the energy industry to start moving toward wind and sun. "

You might as well hope for the Easter Bunny. If wind and sun were viable substitutes for crude oil, the oil companies (as well as others) would have jumped on the business model long ago.

Fact is that wind+sun projects can only exist with heavy government subsidies, which is another way of saying they are not economically viable alternatives. In fact, the require additional conventional capacity in the net to compensate for their unpredictable production fluctuations.

Yes, an alternative energy source would be phantastic, but wind+sun is only a nice slogan, not a realistic option.

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The latest from the NY Times on the extent of the damage Hopefully the attempt by BP this weekend to block the hole with mud will be successful http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/19/us/19spill.html?src=un&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fjson8.nytimes.com%2Fpages%2Fscience%2Fearth%2Findex.jsonp

@adaydream Rush Limbaugh is not stupid.He is paid by BP

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