Scores of girls missing after new Boko Haram school attack

By Aminu ABUBAKAR, with Phil HAZLEWOOD in Lagos

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Another bunch of nutjobs, but it seems the west doesn't care about these ones.

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I agree that the West doesn’t generally care about what goes on in places like Nigeria, but Boko Haram are household names for many in developed countries.

I’m just not sure what the west can or should do about this.

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Well, western governments find reasons to send soldiers in Africa when they want to.

Also you always hear that terrorism is an "evil that must be destroyed" blah blah blah... I'm just wondering what's different with this group.

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@Bintaro, just keep thinking that way. The "West" always ends up with a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation.

Either the "West" does something, and get's chewed out about doing something, or it does nothing and still gets chewed out about not doing anything. Here's an idea, how about the countries being affected, DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT THEMSELVES?!?!

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