Cameron promises new powers to all parts of UK after Scots reject independence 55% to 45%


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Good to see the result is clear cut. The yes vote won a majority in very few regions of the country. Fair enough.

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To see the Scots so involved in determining a better future is good, a healthy democracy at work, yet, I hoped the 'NO' vote would win the day because even then change is secured. The South East, notably Londonia has needed a kick up the backside for many a decade and this will make them look further than the shine on their shoe. THEY can not go to sleep and dream sweet light, they MUST attend to the people. Now, to build consensus, friendship and a future together. Let's hope Alex Salmond can for ONCE be a builder of those values and leave any drive for independence to the future, invest in NOW Alex.

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So glad our cousins north of the border decided to stay with us. Glad still also for this referendum, as Westminster have had to offer devolution to not just Scotland but to other parts of the UK as well - hopefully that includes England.

Thanks Scotland! :)

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Great result.

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Forthe sake of the economy and umpteen other problems it would have created otherwise, this was a good result. Being close it ensures Britain had better make good, immediately, on any promises it made for Scotland staying in the UK, and then some. For the impassioned Scots who have been waiting to finally be free I feel sorry. In all likelihood well be seeing another referendum in the future with a better prepared Scotland, but in the meantime I hope they are treated as equals in the UK.

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As I foreigner I was completely neutral on this issue - it was one for the Scots alone to decide. But the democratic example they showed for engaging the public and getting a massive turnout to vote on the issue - with no major problems - is a shining light for all other nations. Well done on how you conducted yourselves, Scots!

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Hooray. I'm glad you stayed with us Scotland. What a turnout. Now negotiations start for England, Wales and Northern Ireland to get devolution too. We wake up to a new country.

-6 ( +5 / -11 )

Bummer. But I guess the Scots know what is better for them than I. I hope they made the right choice.

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So the Jocks choked at the last.

Quelle surprise.

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

Thank god that's over with and I can still call myself Scots AND British. Phew!

2 ( +6 / -4 )

There are some bad losers out there. Be gracious in victory and defeat.

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Does this mean England will have free prescriptions just like the Scottish and Welsh? English taxpayers do put the most into the governments pocket after all...

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In voting, there is a so called come down on the right side of the fence phenomenon --early morning prediction dictates which side you vote for.

So how about this early morning poll result, or just in case, early morning wishful thinking, on TV screen:

No 52% Yes 58%

(Correct one is No 52%; Yes 48%)

Since I am a fence-sitter, were I an elector I would have helped tearing good old Scotland from good old England.

Nice try CNN.

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Common sense prevails after all. The English folks, who naturally could not vote, paid over 90% of the enormous cost of this referendum. Thank you very much and sorry for having to foot the bill. Despite the enormous waste of money, it would have been far more expensive for Scotland, England and the UK if it had gone the other way. An important message was sent to the arrogant lawmakers in London by the Scottish people. The recent shift towards the "yes" campaign in part has been a protest against Cameron et al. whose ruling coalition has only one seat in Scotland. Thanks also go to Gordy "to the last minute rescue" Brown too, for apparently having a big impact at the last minute. Although Salmond was not, unsurprisingly, gracious in defeat, at least now he'll have a bit of time on his hands to get on the treadmill, work those buns up a treat and shed all those pounds he packed on in the last 5 years.

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I'm happy that the Scots decided to stick with the union. I would also be happy if some sort of sensible, devolved government were implemented in all the component parts of the country, instead of the hodge-podge that exists at the moment. Unfortunately, I expect Labour to resist any devolution for England as they will often be in a minority there.

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Labour is pushing for more regional autonomy rather than devolution on national lines. Gordon Brown has been brilliant, and while Salmond still stalks Holyrood he will keep his promise to stand for the next Scottish Parliament elections. He'll be FM, you wait and see.

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Yes or No, the Scots won today. The Torys now will have to make good on their disingenuous promises of further autonomy. The Devo has just begun!

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At least some people in the world were able to see this vote was not for independence, it was for some politicians to obtain power and money as Well as feed the arrogance of the few parasite politicians who wanted to be in history books for supposedly setting up an entire national government.

Good move Scotland, only your politicians wanted this and sensibly you vote against What politicians want

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The Scots voted exactly how their rich, overprivileged Tory overlords wanted. I don't see that as a blow for freedom.

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'...sensibly you vote against what politicians want'

I could have sworn I saw speeches by the leaders of the Tories, Liberals, and Labour with ex-PMs and other supposed heavyweights wanting the Scots to stay.

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Videos of vote-count rigging are also surfacing, with some investigations beginning.

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