Scotland clashes with Britain over independence vote


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For some reason Scots are never content, they always need something to complain about. It is quite funny at first, but then quickly becomes very annoying.

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William Wallace probably is turning in his grave. His sacrifice was a crime, but now he may finally have the last laugh. Freedom to everyone except those from whom we can collect taxes.

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There's a Simpson-like logic to these Scottish arguments.

OJ: I'm innocent! (Now can I have my bloody glove back.)

Scots: Why dae ya glaekit dobbers nae realize we're already an independent country? (Now can we hae oor independence?)

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Nessie, I thought you were going to compare these Scottish arguments with the OTHER Simpsons, like Homer? Bart?

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Salmond's interest is the revenue from North Sea drilling licenses. A tidy sum to be divided by just 5 million Scots. If the general populace were to get access to some of the cash of course.

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Scotland clashed with Britain? That's like saying Hokkaido clashed with Japan. Or maybe Okinawa...

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London getting a taste of its own medicine. If it is OK to break off chunks of Serbia or parts of the former Soviet Union, why not parts of (formerly) Great Britain, such as Scotland?

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The once Great Britain is not so Great now a days.

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The English always did have trouble letting go.

Of course it should be Scots conducting their own independence vote on their own terms. Its a complete no-brainer. But for the English, its about money, power and control.

16 is a reasonable voting age on such a question. Historically, its still high for such responsibility even if 18 is common today. London needs to butt out of this question.

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The fight for independence is going to get very dirty before it ends (hopefully with independence)

Bullying about when we should have our referendum, threatening to stop us from using the pound as currency if we get independence (and all before a date has been set for the referendum)

When we originally joined Britain the vote was controversial as was not liked at all. I bet if it would have happened like that today the results would have been dismissed as invalid.

Alba gu bràth.

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