Sea lion mauls 11-year-old boy at Australian zoo


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You never know what animals are going to do.

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I often snorkel with sea lions in California: their grace and speed underwater is astounding; on land, though, they are clumsy and aware of it. Underwater, they'll approach with no fear; on land, they'll lunge if feeling threatened. Too bad for the boy, but the trainers should have supervised him much more closely.

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The animal will probably suffer for this, despite the fact that its the remorseless humans who set the stage for this to happen. Its a bit like pushing a deer in a lion's cage and blaming the deer for getting himself killed.

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the sea lion probably thought the boy was chasing it so it did the only thing it knows

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Was this the Toranga Zoo? That place is one of the best zoos in the world, by far, and the spaces the animals have and how they are treated is second to almost none (Singapore Zoo is also amazing). Nonetheless, these things happen, and I'm glad to hear the kid will be okay. While not as adamant as MistWizard in who's to blame, I agree that it's probably the animal who will suffer, if nothing else than to appease those who are angry about the incident. I hope at least the people who set up the event and didn't stop the kid from trying to follow the sea-lion get canned.

I hope the zoo's rep doesn't suffer too much as a result. No more greeting the sea lions, perhaps, but otherwise it should be business as usual.

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