Up to 200 missing after Brazil dam collapse

By Anna Jean Kaiser and Marcelo Silva de Sousa

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Vale was elected as the corporation with the most "contempt for the environment and human rights" in the world during a January 2012 vote organized by the Public Eye. The choice was made by public vote and Vale received 25,000 votes.[64]

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Holy moly ! what a mess, as much as I would like to hear that every one is found safe and well, southing tell me that ill be very wrong. I suspect the dead toll will be higher than expected. then an investigation into why the dam collapsed.

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Tragic, obviously no one learned or did anything after the last one. Marina Silva as the ex environment minister had the authority to do something but obviously didn’t; virtue signaling at the expense of the victims of your own culpability is the most appalling hypocrisy.

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Well, let's see how the Brazilian Trump handles this.

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Like I have said many times, GRAVITY(ie Mother Nature)  ALWAYS prevails in the end!!

NOTHING we build will last forever, gravity will always bring down what mankind erects, simple as that.

At best we can do is delay mitigate affects.

WRT mining worldwide we will continue to hear about tailing  ponds being breached somehow, we CANNOT contain the contaminates indefinitely it is IMPOSSIBLE.

RIP to those lost in this tragedy.

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I do not think we can call that a tragedy.

A man made disaster - like Fukushima - sounds more correct to me.

That was avoidable with proper (and costly) construction, this is by no way bad luck!

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That is no the first time it happens is not gonna be the last,Brazil have now 45 dams with the same risk the last one was 2/3 years ago and no one was blamed that IS brazil. the last government LULA/PT for 16 years did nothing about it, LULA/PT let this dams being build they way companies wanted the last government just make brazil worst.

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