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Search underway for radioactive capsule missing in Australia


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In all likelihood it is laying alongside one of the roads the truck traveled. The Australian authorities are going to have to walk every kilometer of road along the trucks route and several tens of meters to either side in case it rolled and bounced into the bush after falling out of the back of the truck.

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If it was kept long enough and they were exposed for long enough they could have some more acute effects, including...

Are they thinking of Spiderman effects?

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no russian passports found yet? Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov?

Do you mean the two Russian homosexuals that were caught with their pants down away for a dirty UK weekend? I doubt you'd find them in some desolate outback place but who knows?

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Certainly, nobody would have tried to steal the cargo without knowing what dangers it contained. That would never happen.

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Check under the seat.

I've found all sorts of interesting stuff under my car seat.

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