Second night of clashes in Philadelphia after police kill Black man

By Thomas Urbain

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Really actively pushing this Black people are victims of police today huh?

lots of Black people now have new TVs and sneakers because of this, are they victims too?

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Put the knife down," one of the officers shouted in the video, which panned away as officers opened fire.

The cops shot 14 times, at a man holding a knife, why in hell didnt they use their tasers first? His mother was trying to protect him from the cops, and was begging the cops not to shoot!

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Why wasn’t she begging her son to put the knife down & do what police say ?

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Why loot though? If a white person were unjustifiably shot by police in this Japanese city (in the video in question, Wallace was definitely approaching the officers in a threatening manner- that said, 10 times?) I would insist that those police were brought to justice, protesting if necessary, but I certainly wouldn't break into my local sports shop and help myself to new Pumas.

(I'm sure there were peaceful protesters aswell)

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They gunned him down with something like over a dozen shots. It was brutal, don't they have tasers or other nonlethal methods?

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The cops shot 14 times, at a man holding a knife, why in hell didnt they use their tasers first?

Agree completely.

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Police simply aren't trained to react with anything less than lethal force. Police have been overburdened for years, being the only ones who are called to deal with a huge scope of social and medical issues (mental health crises, drug overdoses, etc.). It's time for us to divvy up the responsibility among those who are trained for specific incidents like this and go into these sorts of situations prepared to deescalate. This man needed help, not an execution.

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The cops did their jobs and their duty. Then certain people rioted and looted, because any excuse.

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Hello to US army bases in Japan,its time to pack and go back home and protect peace in own country???

Your country is on brink of civil war...

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People ask why the police didn't use tasers.

Simple answer. The police didn't HAVE tasers. They are not standard equipment with every police force, or indeed even within forces. So the police had no alternative but to use their guns.

Some also ask why the cops didn't just shoot him in the leg, shoot to wound, etc. Those people have obviously never fired a weapon in their lives, much less a handgun. There is no such thing as shooting to wound. It is not part of any firearms/police/military training that I know of. When someone with a deadly weapon is just a few feet away, you shoot for the center mass and don't stop until they go down.

The post shooting rioting is no surprise. Welcome to yet another city with a democratic mayor, and a democratic governor.

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The police tried to back away from him while repeatedly shouting at him to back off and drop the knife. He had more than 30 seconds to do this. He continued approaching the officers with the weapon when they shot him.

This is why tasers are no good:

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The video was very unsettling. Sure the guy was following the cops, but maybe one or two shots I can understand but it was sickening to see the cops simply unable to stop firing even when the victim was falling to the ground. They keep shooting and shooting. What kind of hiring is going on in police departments these days where such overkill is commonplace?

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For those making excuses for the excessive use of force, I would like to point out that you do not see this happening in Japan, even when the suspect is armed with a firearm.

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People ask why the police didn't use tasers. Simple answer. The police didn't HAVE tasers.

Which begs the question of why the police didn't have tasers. Has it never occurred to anyone in power over there that issuing non-lethal equipment to deal with violent but psychologically disturbed people might reduce the number of police shootings? The cops in my city in Australia have tasers (and guns) and it's a far less violent place than any major American city.

So why has no-one thought of issuing the Philadelphia police (and every police force in the US) with tasers or other non-lethal means of controlling a situation like this?

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