Secret Service Colombia scandal deepens; 11 placed on leave


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Boys will be boys, at government expense. This is the most pathetic story of the year.

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"anyone visiting the hotel overnight was required to leave identification at the front desk and leave the hotel by 7 a.m." I dunno, mates, that's a strict curfew, eh? You might at least let them stay for the breakfast buffet.

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FYI, The U.S. Military considers the hiring of prostitutes by service members or civilian employees as a violation of their anti trafficking in persons policy.

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Back when I was in, the best people to find out where to get such "services" were the security people themselves. Then knew all of the Off limits places, and pretty much it was there where you would find the liberty party, in the off limits areas.

I don't think that this is such a big thing. As long as they did their duty to protect the President, and he wasn't even there yet, let them do what they want. As long as they didn't charge it to government credit cards who cares.

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I don't think other conservatives will agree!

Personally I cringe at the thought of paying for sex, but maybe I'll ammend that when I'm old and bald.

Secret service should know better. Or at least know not to get taught. I really still can't comprehend this spilling over into the media, there must be something more to this.

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Get caught dammit

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Personally I cringe at the thought of paying for sex, but maybe I'll ammend that when I'm old and bald.

Before this post gets dumped, but if you are married or dating, you are paying for it.

I think it is much ado about nothing. I knew some people who worked for WH set up on these types of trips and the stories that were told to me would blow your mind.

Even though I lean to the conservative side, I still don't think that this is a big deal. I would be concerned if they neglected their duties and did this using government funds and on government time. But if they are off duty, as long as they are not axe murderers who cares what they do.

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Yeah, back in Nam, if you wanted to know VC movement, you talked to the hoes. In the Philippines, if you wanted to know NPA affiliations and potential future targets of U.S.senior officers, (you know you little cake eaters, the kind with a scooter on each side of the car and a diversion in the front), you talked to the hoes. I recommend we build a hoe memorial. For have not all gone above and beyond the call of duty? Yeah, I guess, your right, they are not politically correct. Not in your world...Sinners!!!! But then again, a child or mother never strapped a vest on after a life of pseudo-coaching and set the course for hair, teeth, and eye balls everywhere back in the real world on your alters except 911 plus have they?….right? Once again...Sinners!!!!! keep in mind, the whole situation came to light because an agent refused to pay after finding out that regardless of his good looks, something’s require cash....Cheap Sinners!!!!

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"Before this post gets dumped, but if you are married or dating, you are paying for it."

Cynical, but kind of true in a sense I suppose. I guess you don't do romance then :D

"But if they are off duty, as long as they are not axe murderers who cares what they do."

For regular folk I agree, but these are supposed to elite servicemen and I, even as a non-American - would expect a tad more decorum. It's no different from seeing a $150,000 per week soccer player having a tantrum on the field, or even getting found in a similar circumstance to these secret service agents.

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" I recommend we build a hoe memorial. "

Laughing out loud! Excellent.

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They found the woman with the agent in the hotel room and a dispute arose over whether the agent should have paid her.

What this means for the military and US government workers, we will be flooded with training that will need to be documented on the need to refrain from "Trafficing in Persons (TIP)" and not participate in these types of activities. I wonder, if they would have been in Nevada, at the Bunny Ranch would they all get sent home?

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Should street walkers/call girls (sorry, I don't really know the caliber of prostitute these agents go for) be able to identify U.S. Secret Service Agents ahead of the Summit of the Americas? Seriously? A hotel worker described the men as drinking heavily? Really? Keep it classy.

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I recommend we build a hoe memorial.

I, too, believe we should immortalize great gardening tools. Bring on the rake memorial!

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These guys were on private time cant see why the is such a drama, except for not paying the girl.

How do you make a hormone?

Don't pay her.

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Has anyone heard of the word "BLACKMAIL?" This story is not about hormones, marriage, etc. It is a matter of SECURITY. These guys deserve to lose their jobs and retirement for their actions. If the Secret Service can't be trusted to protect the president and his family because there is a "need for relief," then nobody can be trusted. Their action is just another example of arrogant, self-importance, and the heck with the taxpayers attitude that many people have. Just beat it, boys, and find a new job.

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Booze and sex ; on the job?

I wanna be a SS agent!

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Who is shocked by this? Prostitution is nothing new. Hope they don't lose their jobs over this hype.

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Not a big deal, except in that they were opening themselves up to potential blackmail. These guys will lose their jobs, and deservedly so. Otherwise, no big deal. What they were doing was legal.

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The White House said Obama had been briefed about the incidents but would not comment on his reaction.

Obama was briefed after the agents had been briefed, then debriefed then rebriefed then re-debriefed then repatriated.

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