Security Council backs new Syria peace initiative


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Assad has won! Assad has won!

Assad and his entire regime of cronies and family have become international pariahs. His country is in ruins with virtually all infrastructure destroyed by the conflict. Thousands upon thousands have been killed in the sectarian slaughter. Countless children lie murdered by his barrel bombing and by his genocidal opponents in ISIS. Millions have fled and now wander the planet as refugees. World Heritage sites are reduced to cinder and rubble. The economy of the entire region has been decimated and nearly everyone not aligned with the Ba'athists or Alawites now struggles in poverty. Forever maligned by history as a villain and despot, his legacy is one of the most tragic ever told. Yeah, some victory.

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A dictator should realize that when you need to call in airstrikes on your own capital, maybe it's time to take the golden escape hatch.

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Syria will never be together again. Many northern Syrians don't want to be under an Alawite government again. Assad may keep his power, but he'll not regain the northern Syrians - he lost too much; a pyrrhic victory for him at best.

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Assad stepping down won't stop the fighting... and that'll never happen as long as IS are there. They couldn't care less about who's in power... they're insane and will want ALL of Syria... and Iraq, and wherever else they can reach, like some vile, revolting form of cancer.

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