Security reviews under way in U.S. after airliner attack


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Billions of dollars have been spent on aviation security since the Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, when commercial airliners were hijacked and used as weapons.

Your Government at work.......I'd like refund myself.

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Seems to me that it shouldn't be that difficult to have some sort of Interpol database where all passengeres names are entered and if there is any sort of file on the person, this instantly comes back and they can be properly screened. Can't undestand why this proves so difficult. Apparently this latest gent was at least on a 'to be watched' list in the UK. Why do I seem to be able to do more with my computer than the government or FAA can handle?

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.....after the fact...again.

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Nothing will change. Political correctness will kill our ability to fight terrorists, or simply stop and question them in an airport for fear of offending them. Further proof is Obama's dislike for the phrase "war on terror." His milquetoast approach to dealing with terrorists is only emboldening them. One has to wonder which side he's on...

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They need more of the security puffer machines. They work and are safe, and make sexy girls look like Marylynne Monroe from one of her old movies.

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sailwind, and the alternative to government is what? The private sector? They almost brought down the economy. What's left? A wing and a prayer?

mtimjones so is that what caused Bush to ignore explicit warnings of terrorist attacks using commercial jetliners just prior to 9-11?

Remember that this was an international flight, not domestic, which relied on foreign security. After 9-11 there was a huge hew and cry about Canadian boarder security into the US, only a peep about the American side. Of course a Republican was in the White House.

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Of course a Republican was in the White House.

Of course.

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Since the Nigerian martyr bomber had his bomb sewn into the crotch of is underpants, I think we can look forward to really interesting security screenings from now on. After the shoe bomber, they asked to remove shoes. Now, it will be have to be underpants...

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