Self-confessed Chinese spy spills secrets in Australia


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Australia is awake, and just in the nick of time it seems. We now get to see what the next stage of the hundred year marathon will look like. China at a crossroads. Need to check themselves before they wreck themselves innit.

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The Nine network newspapers reported Chinese defector Wang "William" Liqiang

I am surprised they named him. I would be concerned if Australia can keep him safe.

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We need to stop feeding the Chinese Monster we all helped create!

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Every Chinese company with overseas offices is part of an intel-gathering system for the CCP. A large number of them are shell companies run by the PLA for that express purpose.

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China's spy agency doing regime change

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“We need to stop feeding the Chinese monster we all helped create”

In Chinese calculations, probably not far wrong, the collective West is increasingly viewed in terms of what to avoid. Not for them acquiescence in the face of demographic decline and crippling loss of will exacerbated by identity politics and winner take all Uber Capitalism.

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China is already involved in influencing universities. In Canada a UofT election was marred by a Tibetan student who ran and won as a student president only to be harassed by Chinese students to the point of involving police. I think it was in Manitoba that a Chinese ebola researcher was suddenly dropped due to a RCMP investigation. If it wasn't for the court system being independent of Canadian politics I wonder if the government would have acquiesced to Beijing on the Huawei affair? Given their lack of action on banning their network equipment, a decision that was supposed to happen a year before the recent election but was prevaricated and still unresolved.

At least Australia is facing this now and looking like it will fight back regardless of Morrison not because of him. I hope they grant that guy asylum. When you love a country you want to protect it. Confirmation is vital

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Sorry but the US created this Chinese monster. The US has no long term plans. One day supporting ROC, another day switching to PROC, then neglect your duties for a decade while fighting Iraq, wake up and oh they’re stealing our stuff, ban every company during business with Huawei, allow Microsoft to license software to Huawei, raise tariffs, reprieve on tariffs, draft Democracy bill on Hong Kong, refuse to sign it, TPP no TPP, Climate Accord then cancel, Iran Nuclear then back out, etc.

How about you not getting your stuff stolen?

The US has no direction and every change at the white house leads to a restart.

The world needs an authoritarian government with a benevolent dictator corrupt free who can only do good.

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Self confession is guaranteed by the freedom of expression.

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Fellow Canuck here, as a student at UoW in the early 80s I got to witness first hand Chinese students in math, engineering, physics, computing etc just vacuuming info, books you name it. They were on a mission, the few I talked to that opened up a bit said they MUST excel at uni or there would be hell to pay back home as the motherland was footing the bills & made huge demands of students.

And this was being repeated at Cdn Uni's across the whole country & has been going non stop to present. The amount of tech etc that was given away & stolen is massive.

And if we factor in the US & the rest of the western world, this is what I refer to by feeding the monster.

In the 80s China was nothing, don't get me wrong I want China to do better BUT the west let China steal its way to where it is

And the goal was the west thought China would eventually CHANGE, but sadly they were hugely wrong & we have known it wasn't going to work since the 90s but the west kept & keeps feeding the monster to our own detriment!

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Isn't Australia referred to as New China by some or perhaps many people in China?

Kind of like New England which refers to the area in the NE corner of the U.S.

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GW agreed. Even during the Beijing 2008 Olympics it was expected China would change. They've done nothing of the kind. I think it's reasonable to withdrawal support until such time change occurs. With automation and 3D printing ever increasing, China itself may be reaching its own high water mark or will eventually and will be stuck with literally millions of people without the ability to change. I hope for a Free China and maybe that happens with a Free HK. Have chicken MPPs though I find really sad.

We need the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and everyone else in the world in their constitutions and charters not to all be marked by an asterisk, *by permission of China

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