Senate leader, presidential candidate Bob Dole dies at 98


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Bob Dole had "American" values like honoring his oath of office and the Constitution. One of the few who remain of the "Greatest Generation". While I sometimes disagreed with his political outlook, I never doubted his real patriotism that didn't require a huge American flag on the back of a pickup. The GOP loses a giant and we all lose one. Well done, sir.

"The 10th Mountain Division in which I served in Italy, and the Black troops of the 92nd Division who fought nearby were the proof for me...When the blood of the sons of immigrants and the grandsons of slaves fell on foreign fields it was American blood."

--Bob Dole, Aug 15, 1996

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and remembrance of the fading generation of World War II vets.

I In other words those who fought against fascism, today they are called losers by the former golfer in thief and his cultists.

I never liked Dole's politics, but unlike many of today's Republicans, he was never anti-American.

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The best part of “Bob Dole” was the late Norm Macdonald. Norm made “Bob Dole” of his signature impersonations, portraying “Bob Dole” as a blowhard politician, who referred to himself, “Bob Dole”, in the third person. - “Bob Dole” himself, later appeared in one SNL ‘cold open’, Nov 16, 1996, 11 days after “Bob Dole” lost to Bill Clinton. It wasn’t contentious and Bob Dole showed that he, “Bob Dole”, could be a good sport.

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Rest In Peace” Bob Dole, Norm Macdonald and the late, great Phil Hartman:

(Miss that mid 90’s NBC “Must See TV”)

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Miss that mid 90’s NBC “Must See TV

Great book about that whole era of TV:

The best part of “Bob Dole” was the late Norm Macdonald. 

What's weird to me is that Bob Dole lived longer than Norm MacDonald.

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Rest In Peace” Bob Dole, Norm Macdonald and the late, great Phil Hartman:

(Miss that mid 90’s NBC “Must See TV”)

Exactly, Rest in Peace! This is how comments after someone passes should be instead than make it an excuse to rant about the GOP and nothing to do with Bob Dole the man.

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Rest in Peace, Senator Robert Dole! He was a great man and did great work to improve the conditions for those with physical disabilities. A VERY honorable man.

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The last Republican

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when would that be?

Only about 1/3 of my posts survive 24 hours. The rest are deleted.

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May he rest in peace.

Like John McCain, I did not agree with his politics, but I never had a doubt that his actions as a politician were what he honestly thought were in the best interest of the country, and not of himself or the party. The Americans with Disabilities Act? No Republican would go for that now. His health care platform in '96 is basically the Ur text for Obamacare. We need more like him now.

Requiescat in pace.

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...and another interesting if contentious discussion falls down the memory hole...

Snowy, I would say that Bob Dole deserves the titles of hero and patriot for his willingness to shed blood for his country, and taking on Hitler's war machine. Anyone who puts on the uniform deserves respect at the least.

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