Senators blast U.S. military response to sex assaults


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This is travesty. Stats dont lie: this is indeed a military reality.If only there were some organized system, whereby service men could relieve their sexual tensions...

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Toru Hashimoto might be right after all.

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Those were some low blows guys....wait

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wow did hashimoto really have a point?

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Hashimoto had 0 point he is a disgrace to everyone in Japan. Seriously why should women be required to have sex with a military person just because they need to "relieve their sexual tension " wanna relieve your sexual tension go find a girlfriend damn it. And every guy who agrees with him has 0 understanding and are seriously digusting for even agreeing to that.

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i picture hashimoto smiling on this news.

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They need to up the punishment for sexual assault, both in and out of the military.

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Death penalty works for me.

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They need to up the punishment for sexual assault..

Not sure that's the right signal to send: "If it wasn't for harsh punishments US military people would sexually assault women by the thousands."

I suspect, however, that increased harshness of punishment would not stem the problem to any great degree.

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Does the term "paper tiger" sound familiar for these gentlemen? Where were the female generals? The only females at the hearing are members of Congress. Did anyone notice the USA brass did not mention any problems in Japan and other countries such as rape by the military. The situation will get passed around in the typical USA military process. Hurry up, and wait forever for change.

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