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Senior Australian minister says China is behaving badly

By Colin Packham

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China has slowly been invading other countries by buying stakes in huge conglomerates in exchange for cheap labor and a part of the Chinese market. Now with the recent internet backlash on Southpark, NBA and Blizzard people are realizing that China has more power than people expected and China can get away with it. The sooner companies get less reliant on China the better, but people don't wanna give up that money.

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Not according to Google, Apple, and Greta.

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It would seem that the only way China knows how to react is to over-react.

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Just as China views the seas around them as theirs, maybe China also view the islands and lands within those seas as belonging to China as well.

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When China stops its cold war actions, others can stop their cold war mentality. China needs to respect other nations. Sadly Xi wants China to be the strongest nation in the world with all other nations subservient to its wishes. Australia can see through the facade and wants none of it. Other nations need to see the truth also.

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Jeez, China, North Korea and South Korea are sounding more and more like one another every day. They should just start their own exclusive trade block, a trade block of misery.

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China has slowly been invading other countries by buying stakes

I remember the good old days when an invasion was a huge gang of men with guns and missiles etc killing people and when it was certain countries doing it, it was given a pass. But gee whiz....its China this time so lets call buying "an invasion" and have a panic attack.

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