Sentences of 3 Blackwater guards reduced over 2007 massacre


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They just opened fired on women and children in the streets.


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I think being murdered is unconstitutionally cruel. But the deceased aren't getting half their lives back.

People working on behalf of the government should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one.

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I think Blackwater’s reputation as unprofessional and lawless likely worked against them.

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One story that we know of among hundreds buried.

On a side note, how do typos make it to the final submission of an Associated Press article?

*military contractors who had essentially be deputized by the U.S. government.*

I guess AP Chairman Steven R. Swartz has more important matters to tend to. It’s very odd there’s no Wiki page on him for such a prominent figure.

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Blackwater is nothing more than the US government's private army of mercenaries which is allowed to operate outside of international law and who were responsible for many war crimes.

The fact that the US government keeps getting away with these kind of practices really baffles the mind.

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