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Seoul to deport American over positive N Korea comments


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What's next? Deporting people for praising Japan?

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What a sad story.

The Korean students at my university are so warm-hearted and open-minded. Hard to believe they come from this type of oppressive, brain-washing culture....

Maybe that's why they left Korea.

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Too bad the kid missed his intended target, and hit someone ELSE instead, I bet he feels bad about THAT.

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Not agree with S. Korea's law on this case. However, she should invite herself to N.Korea and enjoying kimchee with clean N.Korea water and watching Kim Jon Un all day long without phone and internet access to the rest of the world. Stay there and do not come back to pollute U.S., will you?

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What she said makes sense. I have read similar reports about NK defectors in the South. They are often marginalized, ignored, and discriminated against. South Korea is not exactly a warm and welcoming host at the best of times, as anyone who has lived/worked there can attest.

As time goes by, I realize that there really isn't a lot of space between the North and South in regards to their political thought and beliefs.

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@Bgood41 why the hate? she said she thought the rivers were clean and the beer was good.

im sure the rivers are nice... due to the lack of urbanization, and the typcial city/human sprawl you would see in normal countries

the beer... i bet they do make some tasty beer. i cant imagine more than 1% of the adult population of nkorea being sober at any given time.

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Is she Korean or American or both. Sure wish Americans would say they are American first, and if necessary, fill us in on heritage later.

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Since the Sewol incident the people of SK have not been the happy-est with their government. => They need incidents like this to increase their popularity. Could be a big mistake though and this law could quickly be expunged by Koreans who are some of the best (quickest/well-organized) protestors out there. If the Gov continually decides to push this angle I would expect protests in the streets and this law repealed in a week or two = that is how fast South Korean people can get something like this changed.

Reckless behavior by the Gov (again) if you ask me at a time where people are asking to delete all this political.

True: The people of NK are the most Asian culturally of what is left of Asia. =Has not changed much

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Je suis Eun-mi.

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She did not know S Korea is not a part of Caif?

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NK and SK can merge now. They have the same opinion about freedom of speech.

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