Serbia warns it will protect Kosovo Serbs if NATO doesn't


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Tensions between Serbia and Kosovo soared anew last month when the Kosovo government led by Prime Minister Albin Kurti declared that Serbian identity documents and vehicle license plates would no longer be valid in Kosovo’s territory. Serbia has been implementing the same measures for Kosovo citizens crossing into Serbia for the past 10 years.

Sorry, I find this a little unclear. Does this mean Serbia has not been accepting Kosovo identity documents or vehicle license plates as valid for the past 10 years? Or does it mean they’ve been treated exactly the same as Serbian citizens for the past 10 years.

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Very dangerous. NATO murdered many Serbs so they will definitely fight to the death.

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Serbian war crimes were horrendous, are undeniable and were well documented. However, it is worth pointing out that there were, and remain cover-ups and non-prosecutions of horrendous war-crimes committed by Bosnian-Bosniacs against the Serbs during the 1990's Balkans war in B/H. The west took the side of the Bosniacs because the Serbs were associated with Russia.

Now, Albanian-Kosovans are, as were the Bosniacs, having their side of the story decorated and distorted by western media for the same reason.

The international courts thet prosecute Human Rights violations are quite politicized and can be very picky and choosey as to who and when to prosecute. A perfect example being how the UK got away with all sorts of nasty activities in Northern Ireland for 25 years.

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Yes, by all means lets shed a tear for the Serbs who tore Yugoslavia apart with their ethnocentric hate and murdered thousands in Europe's first genocide since Hitler because they're the aggrieved party here.

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