Serbian president challenges Twitter: 'Delete my account!'


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“Who should they cooperate with, tycoons, thieves and criminals?” Vucic asked. “It is most normal that they cooperate with the government.”

Really? He's actually saying the government? Lol

(Show of hands - who among ya actually wants to take it from the government?)

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Just another loudmouth. He signed up for Twitter on his own, no one forced him to do so. And he's equally free to cancel the account himself if he's so bothered by the "atmosphere" there. There's no need to shout and act like a redneck and play the martyr like Trumpet even more.

They say a dog that barks doesn't bite.

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I can't wait for them (Twitter) to close my account so I become another Trump in the world,

Yeah I'm not sure that's gonna have the effect you think it's going to have, buddy.

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So long, nobody.

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