'Sesame Street' Elmo actor Kevin Clash resigns amid sex allegation


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You can't believe in anyone anymore. What's next? Santa Claus as a child molester?

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I'm not going to say that I think he's innocent or not, but the first person has already recanted and said they lied about being underaged at the time. Let's not be hasty in throwing around 'child molester', yeah? Those are words that never disappear even if every single person says it was a lie.

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Hmm other 2 guys were on gay chat lines. Not entirely innocent themselves. Who can tell the difference between a 15 and 17 year old? Sounds like a money/attention grab by them

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Look at the middle picture of Cecil. Yeah, that guy sure looks like he is all there! Definitely a face you can trust!

It is not his face but his actions that are being called into question. Gay does not equal guilty.

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Got caught up in the debate about this one elsewhere, some say until Elmo testifies under oath we won't get to the bottom of this one.

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What a muppet!!! The picture kind of lends credibility to the story. Look at where his hand is and the look of shock on Elmo's face!!

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The integrity of puppeteers everywhere has been called into question! This is truly a dark hour for our puppeteering friends.

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Got caught up in the debate about this one elsewhere, some say until Elmo testifies under oath we won't get to the bottom of this one.

Protip: Do not pose with your hand up a doll's backside.

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Looks like Mitt Romney picked on the wrong Sesame Street denizen.

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I hope he is innocent. If not, it will be a dark day for Sesame Street.

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This is so sad. I love Elmo and his voice. In fact, I can do a pretty good imitation of his voice myself, but would never qualify for the job. Wow! Hope they can find someone who can do the same voice. It is so distinct. " La la la la, la la la la, Elmo's world! Elmo loves his crayons, and his goldfish too, thaaaaat's Elmo's world! He he he he he he he!" So cute I tell you! I'm sad today!

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Got damn! Another accusation. Forget my daughter being traumatised,I AM.She's got two Elmos that every time I look at them I think...... gotta go.

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Guys, Elmo didn't do this, a guy with his hand up Elmo's butt did it. No reason to throw away your kid's toys. They don't have to know about the pervert.

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And let the stereotyped-driven, homophobic "humor" fly unimpeded.

And people were worried that children might be unable to handle this story maturely.... They apparently overlooked the adults.

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Very sad. A dark day for Sesame Street and all of its puppeteers and actors that he's worked with. If the accusers are lying they ruined a wonderful thing for children.

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What's next? Santa Claus as a child molester?

where have you been? that's old news.

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