Sessions says he'd defy Trump as attorney general if needed


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I wonder why Lynch couldn't bring herself to defy the Clintons?

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He's old and he's from the south... There's a good chance he's a little racist. His record definitely seems to indicate it. While I can give him a bit of a pass for being a man of his times, he has no business being the attorney general.

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Sessions says he'd defy Trump as attorney general if needed

@RealDonaldTrump: AG is overrated. Not good. Kellyanne, who chose this guy?

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He blames folks on his long out US long drawn-out southern plantation style drawl, and his family name as reasons as to why he's getting so much flak about being the attorney general (AG) of the US - but he totally ignores he the very actions he committed in the past that warranted such criticism. There might have been a pretty good reason back that even back in the 80's (during Bush Sr's administration) as to why he didn't get the job the first time.

However, its a foregone conclusion that Sessions will be appointed to the AG position, as his political allies are well-positioned in the Republican / Trump committee to anoint him the job anyway - regardless of what he may have said or did. Aside from a of token gesture of an African-American sponsorship to a local chapter of the International Lions Club over thirty years ago, he's past actions and words dictate that he has no intention to lawfully represent all Americans - unless you are a certain member of the upper 1% of the social-economic class.

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This is the part where the politician says, "Forget everything I said and did in the past. I'm here to tell you anything you want to hear."

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Trump's Tweet this morning - FAKE NEWS – A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT! - is destined to be the epitaph of his regime (it's multi-purpose; most all of his nominees can use it)

The all-caps are the squeal of rats suddenly aware their ship is sinking.

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@turbotsat, I wonder why hugh... Pays off to be a career politician who is bought and paid for.. as well as buying out key people.

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All the democrats huffing and puffing won't result in the senator being confirmed.

Say hello to AG Jeffery Sessions. Sorry, radical alt left, you lose again. . . .

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Sorry, radical alt left, you lose again. . . .

Winning or losing on something like this isn't divided between party lines. If he is a good choice, it will be a win for everyone, if he is a bad choice, everyone loses.

That's the problem with the extremist bipartisanship these days - people see winning and losing as if their chosen party is a team fighting against the other team, rather than realizing they're different squads on the same team, that are supposed to have the same goal.

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Hey, ALL of us are gonna defy FDT. Just you watch.

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