Seven charity workers shot dead in Pakistan


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Shooting charity workers? Killing off volunteers who will give POLIO vaccinations?? These Taliban seem as bright and sharp as one of those old rust wet nails that you find in your garage after the rainy season. RIP poor workers

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Sigh.... true terrorism! Targeting charity workers who are only trying to help others. The world is a sick place sometimes.

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"If anyone recieves any sort of benefit for themselves that did not come from our hands We'll Kill You All!" seems to be the Taliban's primitive way of thinking.

This mental aberration shows ever every sign of backfiring on them but I don't think the Taliban possess the simple intelligence to STOP.

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One thing that these extremists need to be told is that if they have enough time to kill people they have enough time to help people. So if they cannot grasp that one simple fact they need to be eliminated.

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If they do not need charity from the outside, and they do not need charity from Pakistani Muslims, then they definitely need to promote education to create their own charity workers.

Oh, but they have rejected education in their promised shining new world? They have killed hope, and they are killing charity, so I guess they are running on some kind of faith alone, now? It would be funny if it was not so grim.

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This kind of news just makes me scratch my head, and sigh WTF??

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Just read that five of them were female teachers. Schools around there had been shut down as they were bombing targets and the kids had nowhere to go for their education, so the teachers were working at this community center.

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its very sad to see this kind of news now more frequent, hope justice is done.

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