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Eight wounded, two critically, in attack on Jerusalem bus


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"The terrorist is in our hands,"

By now we all know who the terrorist is, and just in case if you wonder who is it, just take a look at the daily killings of teen aged Palestinians by the Israeli police, or take a look at the bombing of Gaza apartments with women and children given 15 minutes to evacuate. Or the death of children in the west bank and Gaza due to lack of power, Medicine, or food caused by the Israeli blockade, concrete walls, and endless check points.

Israel's Hypocrisy goes beyond Hypocrisy.

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An unprovoked attack killing over 40 people, including over a dozen children somehow isn't terrorism, but the response to the attack is?

If truth is the first casualty of war, language is the first casualty of oppression.

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Palestine every given right to defend itself from the migrant aggressors streaming into Palestine from every part of the world, Palestinians for over 70 years have been enduring the Israeli Occupation and it's brutal military arms. From Land stealing, to home destruction, to terrorism tactics to drive people away from their land homes, killing entire families in the middle of the night like what happened in Deir Yassin 1948 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deir_Yassin_massacre

All these actions by Israel are well documented and proof that Israel was founded and established by Terror.

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Two peoples at war since at least earlier than the First World War. The fact that Palestinians do not yet accept the right of Israel to exist is problematic.

Anyway, how can you shoot a pregnant woman? That's messed up.

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