Several fatalities in Sweden pub shooting


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Sweden is a Police State. Owning weapons like this illegal. Very similar to Japan. For this to happen it has to be either Criminal or Terrorist.

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@davidnorell, your first two comments do not support each other. Fully automatic "weapons like this" for civilians are banned in almost every country. By police state, do you mean a country with a government and a modicum of controls on guns? Or a heavy-handed dictatorship? I haven't visited Sweden, but I imagine it's closer to the first def.

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" By police state, do you mean a country with a government and a modicum of controls on guns? Or a heavy-handed dictatorship? "

Sweden is a very controlled society, close to social engineered dream of American liberals. Of course such weapons are illegal, which of course does not mean that criminals can´t get their hands on them.

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Obviously criminals disobey laws. Creating strict controls is not the only answer. We have a cancer in all societies which needs attention. All to many of us look the other way when we know someone involved in minor crimes. Can we collectively show intolerance for not living an honest productive life? All to often it are the liabilities in societies which pose the problems and the assets in society which do not. .....its a start...

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Creating strict controls is not the only answer.

Nope, but strong gun control laws is definitely a good start. Just because it's not complete doesn't mean the idea should be abandoned altogether.

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"we can’t rule out that it’s gang-related. We’ve had problems for some time with gang crime in this area,” she added.

Criminal gangs, by definition, do not obey laws! The strictest gun laws in the world do not stop criminals from obtaining and using them. England has had strict gun laws for decades but they didn't stop the IRA from having weapons and bombs in central London.

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Then why don't we see similar levels of gun crimes in countries regardless of gun laws?

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This has "lone wolf" or a small "sleeper cell" wrtitten all over it.

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Several fatalities in Sweden pub shooting

Gee Ma, I wonder if this attack was religiously motivated?

Na, must have been the work of some unemployed, poor, under privileged persons! Because religious fanatics would never have carried out an attack of this kind in Sweden!

Oh wait, how did they afford to purchase those Ak's and ammo if they were unemployed and poor?

President Obama and the rest of the leftist leaders are trying to make their people believe that unicorns and fairies are real.........

Religious terrorism isn't the work of the poor or unemployed, religious terrorism is the work of religious terrorist!

Time to face hard facts and force out radical Imam's from the West! Time for all radicals to be deported to face the music in their own lands. But, if the lands where they come from are Western nations it is time that the West toss these loons into deep dark holes so no one can be influenced by their hate!

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Bravo JoeBigs! Git you a case beer 4 those comments. I love the part about reference to unicorns, Lol- Comedy Central!!

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The strictest gun laws in the world do not stop criminals from obtaining and using them.

Yes, but it's also true that where penalties for possession are severe, most criminals won't risk carrying them on a regular basis. You'll never hear about someone carrying a gun to a small time burglary in Japan... It's decades in prison with the gun vs. a few months without it. It seems like there isn't enough info to say much about this attack in Sweden.

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There are several places in Sweden where minorities are actually the majority. The problem is that these minorities hate each other and it doesn't end when they move to new country. It is the reason why there aren't any details of the gunmen. When some ethnic minority has done the crime, there aren't any details to prevent the possible revenge, but the lack of identification means that everybody knows that this isn't the crime of native Swedish.

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Gun laws will never stop criminals from obtaining fire arms.......

AK-47's aren't the weapon of choice of the Swedish military or reserve, AK-47's are cheap weapons provided by terrorist to smooth brains that could find their way out of a paper bag. AK-47's are handed out to those loons because they couldn't handle a hand grenade without blowing themselves or their friend up.

Giving an AK-47's to a person is the equivalent of giving an ape a nuclear bomb.........Lots of people are killed, but they can't understand why.....

Even the daftest of person can point, aim and fire a weapon at unsuspecting civilians. But the moment that fire is returned against these loons they drop their weapons and run for the hill.....

This is exactly what happened to 300,000 vaulted Iraqi military members when 5,000 ISIS radicals pointed their weapons at them....

How did ISIS get all their Toyota's, Humvee's, Tanks and cool personal armor?

Easy answer, the Shia run Iraqi military dropped on the ground as they made a mad dash for Iran back in June of 2013!

The US had nothing to do with the arming of ISIS, the Shia's who ran off did!

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