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Sexual abuse victims condemn Australian PM's response to claims

By Maddison Connaughton

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It looks like the $200,000 he paid the empathy consultant to advise him on how to best show compassion a few years back was a waste of taxpayer money.

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Nothing will change, move along, nothing to see.

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Bible thumping low brow backward tot. What an incredible disaster he has been from the fires to the pandemic and on and on.

1 in 3 harassed. Oz is a sexist society that is for sure.

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Morrison is is shallow, vacuous, empathy-free, focused entirely on retaining his position as Prime Minister and on not taking responsibility for or blame for anything that happening his watch. He has had to be dragged along kicking and screaming on this and every other issue outside his narrow personal experience, 

BigYen, I generally disagree with everything you post. But it's amazing how people of all different backgrounds and views are united on their dislike of Scotty from Marketing.

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Can we assume that Ms Tame reported a threatening phone call immediately to police so they could commence an investigation? Or was it preferable to wait two weeks for a public forum?

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I bet there’s video of the shenanigans in Parliament somewhere

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Nothing will change, move along, nothing to see.

In the fulness of time much changes. Ten years ago we would not have had this kind of conversation. Our expectations regarding conduct have changed quite a bit.

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Headline should read, "sexual abuse victims that display strong misandristic tendencies, attempt to silence male MPs with intimidation, bullying, gaslighting & cancel culture"

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