Shah's son urges West to drive 'nail in coffin' of Iran clerical state

By Shaun Tandon and Francesco Fontemaggi

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of course he does!


1953 Iranian coup d'étatétat

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Ah, the son of the 'beloved Shah' (as the people who describe the elected government of Iran as an unpopular regime on the edge of crumbling called the brutal dictator days before the Iranian population rose in a massive revolt against him) is, of course, the best source for what the people of Iran are feeling.

And the University of Maryland's Centre for International and Security Studies, well, they know nothing, obviously, because their American designed, Canadian conducted study of a representative sample of the Iranian population shows that months before potential candidates put their names forward for the elimination round of the election process, well before Biden made it clear that he was no more interested in living up to the terms of the JCPOA than Trump was, someone like Raisi was what the vast majority of the Iranian population was looking for in their next President.

PS, each time the 'crippling sanctions' get in the way, the Iranian population find a way to step right past them, including becoming the ME only vaccine manufacturer. Since the 'mass demonstrations' (And even bigger counterdemonstrations) over a million doses of the tested and approved vaccines have been made, and the industry is on track to producing and administrating over a million doses per week.

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I'm sure the CIA will be there to help Reza Pahlavi revive the SAVAK.

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This guy has no idea what Britian has done to your grandfather, expulsion him to a lone island for the rest of his life! The U.S. was nothing better, Jimmy Carter just told your father to leave the throne at critical times! And he wanna to risk himself to get back the throne!

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So the Shah's son is urging the West to go to war and drive a nail into the coffin of the Iranian clinical state. And then what? Start WWIII?!

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As a prosecutor, Raisi is linked to the mass executions of Marxists and other leftists in 1988.

"What's the most shocking to us is not so much how (Iranian) people are responding, but it's rather Western democracies, of whom we had the most expectation, seem to be stabbing the people in the back," Pahlavi said.

Killing Marxists in Iran was key to your daddy being placed in power, Pahlavi.

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Ah, yeah, cuz good ol’ Pahlavi is a bastion of good governance.

As I recall, he’s one of the major reasons that Iran is a theocracy is dictatorship and not a democracy. But I guess nobody wanted Mossadegh except for all the Iranian people who voted for him, right?

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What Iranians need now, he says, is stronger support from the West.

Well, good luck with that. Not going to happen with the current regimes in Washington and Brussels.

Btw, is the guy a spitting image of his father, or what?

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