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Shaken UK Conservatives seek unity after Truss' rocky start


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But her bold first move -- 45 billion pounds ($50 billion) in tax cuts, to be funded by government borrowing – spooked financial markets

This is nonsense - the new unfunded spending of 75 billion pounds is what did that, on top of years of excessive spending that created huge debt.

Alas the media has gone crazy these days and wants to push its own narrative. The media loves government spending other peoples money.

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UK government ministers implored Conservative colleagues to rally behind Prime Minister Liz Truss after a disastrous start to her premiership that has left the governing party demoralized and divided.

And the comedy will not end..

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What's Chucky smiling about? That Brexit rictus she pastes on is downright obscene given all the destruction and damage her party has inflicted on millions of hard-working families. The country is certainly not laughing with her as it descends inexorably into the frozen Dickensian gloom of a looming winter of discontent. The Tories and the foolish electorate will have to lie in the cold bed they have made together.

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That may have been the Tories last chance, and they blew it more spectacularly than the wildest dreams of Labour activists.

Under Corbyn, Labour were unelectable. Now the Tories are. I don't know anyone who thinks Truss is remotely competent. And that's from a full spectrum of political supporters. Labour supporters are delighted. She is the golden ticket in their Wonka bar. If there was a general election tomorrow, the Tories would be lucky to win a seat. Tories are pretty much in shock that things could have got so much worse. If they'd have picked Sunak they would have a fighting chance. As things stand, they have none.

Given Truss's policies, some don't think she is even sane, fearing for the future of the economy if she isn't rapidly removed. Another leadership contest would shred what little is left of the party's credibility, but might deliver someone competent enough to stabilise things. Not removing her is electoral suicide, giving them two years to filch as much public money as they can for themselves and their mates before suffering an electoral defeat so comprehensive that it could push the party to the margins of UK politics.

Politics is not about fixing things. That's good, because the UK is broken beyond any hope of that following Brexit, the pandemic, the sanctions and inflation. Simply not doing most of the things Truss is planning would be a positive start, lifting sterling. After that, its really just fire fighting, slowing the decline as much as possible and trying not to break anything else.

If Truss stays, the Tories will eventually be united - in defeat at the next election.

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This woman and her close allies (which were obviously chosen to represent a spectrum of people but is mere virtue signalling) are living on another planet.

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some Tory lawmakers are mulling

Japan is not so unique after all

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Amazing how the UK can end up with a PM that from the get go promoted herself as a door mat for the rich and powerful.

Incredible - borrowing to fund tax cuts. How does that work?

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Income Tax rates and Personal Allowances


Rates and thresholds for employers 2022 to 2023


Whatever the fate of Liz Truss government the methodology to how businesses and individuals are taxed has to be overhauled from top to bottom.

The entire system is unfit for purpose.

VAT and other regressive forms of taxation are punitive and grossly unfair.

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Shaken UK Conservatives seek unity after rocky start:

UK ministers implored colleagues to rally behind PM Truss after a disastrous start that has left government demoralized & divided.

Does that mean Tory has started to admit defeat even months before next elections?

Give up..?

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Truss also faces a growing Conservative rebellion over reported plans to weaken planning rules and environmental protections as part of her push to get the economy growing.

Truss' rehashed cut taxes on the rich, deregulate, cut social services agenda is sooner gone the better.

She is a handsome woman I must say though.

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borrowing to fund tax cuts. How does that work?

It is a nonsense phrase.

Taxes are a type of revenue, not an expenditure.

Spending is financed by borrowing or tax revenues.

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Still don’t understand why there wasn’t a snap election. I guess that’s democracy

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