Shanghai reports zero COVID cases for first time since March


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Nobody is foolish enough to report their infection or they'll vanish like an Unghar

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Zero? Why are they so fixated on saying ZERO all the time? It sounds like North Korea.

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Why can a third world country consisting of one in six people on earth have hardly any deaths, but USA, the richest, has over one million and a quarter of the population?

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China is the last major economy still committed to a zero-COVID strategy, stamping out new cases with a combination of targeted lockdowns, mass testing and lengthy quarantines.

China is the only country to have positive economic growth throughout this crisis. And obviously has the lowest infection rate in the world, according to statistics.

It ignores the UN agency the WHO's advice, and instead listens to global experts and authorities to implement a strategy that puts the health of its people first, with obvious positive results.

Other countries also tried zero covid policy, but did not have the foresight and stamina to save as many people as possible.

Even New Zealand, which went into a recession, tried zero covid, and had success, but then gave up, and now it has one of the highest infection rates in the world, and its economy was in the negative this recent quarter.

China somehow, comes out in top if this whole pandemic.

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@painkiller: Wait until China eventually has to ditch the zero-covid policy (it cannot go on forever right?). Unfortunately things will get bad then, until they get better.

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I don't believe any Covid numbers coming from the CCP. I do believe Shanghai can be locked down again in an instant at the governments whim.

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With time a-symptomatic will be acceptable and normal

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China insists on a zero Covid policy because their vaccines have a zero efficacy.

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Rodney, very easily if you are a totalitarian state, you lie.

I doubt if anyone believes any statistic released by the Chinese state.

Painkiller, the economic growth was achieved by locking people in the their workplace for months on end. Effectively slave labour.

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They can report it. We don’t have to believe it.

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Happy DayJune 25  09:24 pm JST

They can report it. We don’t have to believe it.

We don't have to believe any numbers.


The United States' and other countries':

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Why can a third world country consisting of one in six people on earth have hardly any deaths, but USA, the richest, has over one million and a quarter of the population?

So a nation with a space station, nuclear weapons, more factories than any other nation, and aspirations of being a world leader is still referred to as third world? Cant hide behind that inaccuracy any more. US people have more freedoms and more ability to tell the government to butt out. China on the other hand must pander (oops) to Jinping and his decree's. China let the virus out and tried hard to cover it up and the US had it's worst ever leader during the critical initial stages.

The US was never going to get it right and China was always going to go overboard and lie to its people as well as the world.

After much pain Shanghai is for now reporting no new covid. But as China has no exit strategy it will need to continue to shut cities down with every new infection. It cant trade with a world living with Covid and expect to keep covid out of it's population. Until it gets an exit strategy from zero covid to live with covid, this will be a common occurance and destabilizing for China's economy and it's people forcing factories to relocate outside of China to stop continuing supply line stoppages.

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Zero? BS. Either China is fudging the numbers or the sick are too scared to go to hospital and are taking their chances at home. And oh yeah, the Sino vaccines don’t work. A friend in the Philippines just got the Sino booster jab and she still got Covid.

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We don't have to believe any numbers.

If you have to go back two years, to a time where the disease may have begun spreading unrecognized, so you can find example of underreporting that makes it very clear there is no comparison with the systematic underreporting that the government of China has accepted it does. Over 90% of the covid deaths are related to preexisting conditions and other complications, those are the deaths China is not reporting as covid related.

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