Shark attacks spark kill orders off Western Australia


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Why not just ring fence the whole of Australia...? That way people can paddle and swim without fear of being chomped.

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The sharks are fighting back against the slaughtter for the shark fin soup fetish.

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Maybe overfishing causes their prey to move closer to the coast? aren't there non-lethal methods to keep sharks from the beaches?

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Highly doubt this will happen. Most surfers here especially know that they are the ones taking the risk and would be against killing the sharks. Ditto the divers.

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Tag em with C4. When the get close, they blow up. Lifeguards don't need to be bothered with an app.

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Come on! The only LOGICAL and Eco friendly thing to do is let our Chinese amigos go after them great white sharks for their soup! Yes sir! Shark fin soup for them hungry Asian folk and then them Aussies can go back into the water with out fear or concern of nothing, except them pesky JELLY FISH that are way too small for even the best nets to keep away from Aussie beaches, same poison level as a cobra??

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This is poor. We infringe on them, not the other way around.

Well said Darren.

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Surfers should use tricorders to determine if any dangerous sharks are in the water.

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I get sick of people defending these beasts. Imagine how many fish would still be alive and available for our dinner plates if not for the greedy great whites. Show no mercy.

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I agree with Tmarie, you know what they say about playing with matches.

The simplest solution would be, not to go near shark infested waters.

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Mmmm. I'm actually going to go surfing at one of these shark infested beaches later today, and I have to say, I'm sort of torn on this issue. I've long held the belief that sharks should not be caught, as I think, do most surfers. But this is a series of coastal communities that are built on recreation in and around the ocean - it's central to the lives of a LOT of people here, myself included. Right now, the waters are quite literally teeming with Great White Sharks. Here are a couple from the last few days

These kinds of sightings are reported and recorded on phones almost daily at the moment. It's a testament to the outstanding conservation programs for sharks, whales and other marine life hereabouts, but it's actually astonishing to witness the sheer number of sharks proliferating off the coast. Forget Amity Island - this is the real deal. Western Australia is a world class surfing destination, not to mention diving, fishing, Kite surfing, sailing, windsurfing etc, and right now there is a palpable fear in the community. In my lifetime, I've never seen anything like this.

But for the record, 70% of West Australian oppose the killing of sharks, according to a poll running online at present.

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Can they not scare them or something? The ocean is their home too. It's not like the sharks will understand.

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I get sick of people defending these beasts. Imagine how many fish would still be alive and available for our dinner plates if not for the greedy great whites. Show no mercy.

Funny, I think they're thinking the same about the greedy humans who have done a hell of a lot more to damage the ocean's ecosystem than all the sharks out there.

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