Series of aftershocks rattle New Zealand


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does it seem like there are way more earthquakes spread all over the world in the last decade or so than there used to be?

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What I'm surpirsed about is not the quakes. That's expected in New Zealand though not well liked. Whar I'm surpirsed about is JT first report is about the AFTERSHOCKS! They reported a plane crash in which maybe 7 people died but never bothered to report the biggest quake in New Zealand (recorded) history! How JT could miss that I really won't know. CNN and BBC were all over it!

Aways, I not religious, but I am a Kiwi. I hope everyone in Christchurch is doing okay. Yes, I know shitting in a bucket is undignifying, but hang strong, you'll be okay...

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"could miss that I really won't know. CNN and BBC were all over it!"

I had heard that the BBC did not do such a great job, actually. Um JT DID report this and I DID comment on it when it happened. There were very few comments on it, as I recall.

To be fair, 7 times as many people died in that plane crash as in the whole earthquake. Last I heard the quake fatality count was 1 person who died of a heart attack. It is all too bad, but it looks like things will work out. Really disappointed to hear about looting.

Here is the link to the story. Came out at 5 am the day of the quake. Which would make it about 80 min after the quake, if I have my time zones right.

So does JT get an apology?

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Kia kaha guys. Say strong.

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