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Shelling resumes near Ukraine nuclear plant, despite risks


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You notice how Ukrainain comment on thing ,like this Nuclear plant , something they have no knowledge of ,unless they are doing the shelling

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The IAEA yesterday issued its report on the Zaporizhzhia NPP and called for demilitarisation of the plant and surrounding zone.

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Those crazy Russians won’t stop bombing the nuclear reactor until they see a mushroom cloud. They’re either stupid or crazy, probably both.

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The Russians hide artillery including rocket launchers next to the power plant. They roll them just outside the plant boundary and shoot over the plant into Ukrainian positions across the river from the power plant. Then before the Ukrainians can counter fire they bring the artillery or rocket launchers back inside the plant where they know Ukraine forces will not attack.

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They’re either stupid or crazy, probably both.

100% both!

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Russians have defensive weapons to protect the plant. Ukraine government admits shelling it. Western media blames Russia for bombing its own soldiers. NATO supplies the rockets that strike, 20 today alone.

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Russians have defensive weapons to protect the plant. 

what rubbish !

They have attacking weapons that they hide in the plant to protect them from being destroyed.

The IAEA report key points ;

- Russia has placed military equipment in locations inhibiting access to essential facilities,

- Russia has installed their own personnel to oversee the plant’s operations in ways that the IAEA judges could undermine effective response to a nuclear emergency,

- Russia has restricted the Ukrainian operating staff’s access to key parts of the facility, and shifted the emergency center to a location lacking essential components vital to an effective response to a serious nuclear emergency.

The Russians have thus created conditions at the ZNPP that increase the risk that an emergency could occur and significantly increase the danger that the operating staff will be unable to respond efficiently and effectively in such an event.

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Yes, Russia is shelling its own people and a nuclear power station? Seriously? Do they take us for fools? Let's be honest: Russia is firing missiles from near the power station, and Ukraine is firing back. Surely that makes more sense.

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Yes, Russia is shelling its own people

Yes. They have done it elsewhere. viz all the towns and cities full of 'ethnic russians eager to be part of russia' that the orcs have flattened and reduced to rubble.

and a nuclear power station? Seriously?

Yes. It's known they dug trenches in radioactive soil around Chernobyl before they were driven out. Why wouldn't they be just as reckless in Zaporizhzhia?

Do they take us for fools?

Yes. Yes. The muscovites most certainly do think everyone else is as stupid as they are.

Let's be honest: Russia is firing missiles....

...in a country that is not theirs, at people, including civilians and children, who posed no danger to them whatsoever before they started their disgusting, despicable and ultimately unsuccessful 'special military operation'.

Slava Ukraini.

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