Hunter accidentally kills his 11-year-old daughter in Texas


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@Hiro law should to be applied regardless of situation to be fair, unfair application of law leads to abuse and manipulation. Whether the punishments need to be meted will then be decided by the jury.

As to whether is this an offence I have no idea.

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We can only imagine this father’s grief & remorse. - My cousin was also accidentally killed by his best friend in a very similar hunting accident. They sought refuge from a sudden winter storm in a barn on property leased specifically for hunting during deer season. In a rush to get warm and dry by an impromptu fire pit to avoid hypothermia, the rifle was not properly cleared before entering the shelter and was leaned against a wall. The rifle slid over and discharged, the bullet ricocheted and struck my cousin in the chest. Prior to any smartphones or 911, the nearest available medical services were miles away. The friend deeply regretted his negligence and later took his own life.

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And deaths like that are in thousands in that country.

Not true, unless you go back multiple yrs and count all the accidental shootings in all those years. Most years, unintentional shootings are 1.2% of gun related deaths.

What is true is

Americans are four times more likely to die from an unintentional gun injury than those in comparable countries

and that

Studies show that higher rates of household gun ownership and availability of guns are associated with higher rates of unintentional firearm deaths.

In states with weaker firearm laws, the household firearm ownership is nearly 50%. Compared to NY, where 10.2% of the residents have firearms, there is a 48x higher chance of unintentional injury between the highest gun ownership state and NY.

Facts are facts.

The license fees and requirements to be a gun dealer or even gun manufacturer are woefully low. $50/yr and $150/yr with no firearm related federal crimes and legally able to purchase a gun (over 21, not a felon, not mentally incompetent). There are over 55K gun dealers in the US. Seems that those annual license fees wouldn't come close to covering the costs of running background checks. At a minimum, that should be raised.

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@Joeintokyo, sure. Let's just blame the father after he just lost his daughter and probably suffer mental shock that he might never able to recover from.

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In America any idiot can buy a gun, therefore you find an awful lot of idiots with guns. Gawd how sad.

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The friend deeply regretted his negligence and later took his own life.

Good. An eye for an eye

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