Ships race to investigate signals in jet search


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Yay! Another new article telling us they have nothing new to tell us!

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" But there were question about whether any of the sounds were the breakthrough that searchers are desperately seeking or just another dead in a hunt seemingly full of them with experts expressing doubt that the equipment aboard the Chinese ship was capable of picking up signals from the black box,"

Nick Perry are we talking about cooperation among nations to have this unfortunate accident solve or you are trying to make political mileage out of this.

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The story doing the rounds is that a Chinese nuclear attack sub is roaming the area with sophisticated equipment aboard. The Chinese, unable to say how they really heard the signals, gave a precise location for a Zodiac dinghy full of navy people hanging locator mikes over the edge.

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Word is the Chinese are looking around in the wrong place with technology that is about 20 years behind, and this premature announcement they have made to make them look good has backfired and instead will make them look like absolute fools. Looking forward to the excuses they will need to make to save face, especially to their own population who think they are at the forefront of the world.

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New word is another signal was picked up 500 miles away by an Australian ship towing a U.S. pinger; this one sustained for a couple hours, 2 separate signals consistent with black boxes. They may now try to map the sea floor around the area.

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The Cockpit Voice Recorder is going to be useless. The CVR only records 2 hours of audio, then starts overwriting the previous recording. Therefore there will be no CVR data of the time the plane went "dark" and changed course. About the only thing I'd expect from the CVR might be the person flying the plane reading his suicide notice out loud in the last moments of flight.

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