As clock ticks, new hurdle emerges in border security talks


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They are asylum seekers, so process them like you would asylum seekers at any of the borders. Every other administration was able to do so. As for the "flow" of drugs, why do Americans have such a voracious and unquenchable appetite for them?? Supply and demand!

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Time to work on spoiling the milk. Make it so coming to the USA isn't something anyone wants from other parts of the world.

Then there won't be any need for a border.

Make it impossible to work without legal documents.

Make it easy to leave.

Make is easy to deport anyone found inside the US illegaly, regardless of how they arrived.

If you are entering from a country with high numbers of Visa overstays, make a huge bond be required to enter. Some countries have 80% of their visitors to the USA likely to overstay according to CBP findings.

Make all the currently drugs legal and tax them.

Don't allow automatic citizenship. Do like most other 1st-world countries do.

Spoil the USA milk.

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Nothing will stop Latins, the mexican narcos will build tunnels under the wall and charge the immigrants, they will become more millionaires... GO LATINS TAKE THE COUNTRY !!..

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Republicans seek only to enrich themselves and scapegoat migrants.

Tick tock.

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It looks as if republicans are on their way to shutting down the government again and thus weakening our security.

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Democrats have never claimed that undocumented immigrants are only women and children. Why is it so difficult for Trumpophiles to be accurate? It's almost as if they enjoy winding themselves up.

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California has some absolutely beautiful areas, just don't go to the cities anymore especially San Fran. Syringes and poop aon the sidewalks is the new norm.

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Dems are running out of time. Tick. Tock.

They serve the illegals more than the people of this country.

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They are just criminals in their own countries, not in the USA right?

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Dems claim there are no immigrant criminals, just women and children.

So their idea to let illegals go because there is no bed in a detention center makes sense to them. No one is illegal, so what’s the harm to let criminals free?

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The Dem position on productive immigrants sounds fair and will be likely be welcomed by the business community, but their proposal to limit detention of immigrant criminals makes no sense. It should be black and white here, as law should be.

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TSA's union should announce that no one will report to work on the first day of any shutdown.

There would be no shutdown.


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damned be the nation, we must keep the fragile egos safe...

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