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Scandal over 'schizophrenic' Mandela memorial signer


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You can probably add: "pathological liar" as well.

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If he was hearing voices, then he would have been signing what he thought he heard, and it would be recognizable sign language. However, the deaf community said he was just flapping his arms around, so does this guy even know sign language?

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This animal stole hope, dream and innocent from good hearted deaf people.

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In addition to having zero signing ability in any recognized sign language, this chump is a bald-faced liar. The only truth is that performed his own interpretation of sign language. However, that interpretation was unintelligible to any human.

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This should be a reminder to those who insist on using bargain-rate interpreters and translators of all kinds--you get what you pay for. The company that supplied the "interpreter" won the work for a rate of the equivalent of just $77 a day--skilled sign language interpreters normally charge upwards of $125 and hour.

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Stephen Knight - Yes!

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I see some SA gov. officials riding the interpreter's BS train. No shame...

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Soooooooo, in order to bypass security surrounding a world leader, all I would need to do is set up fake credentials with, say, a sign language translation service. Check.

No, nothing worrisome about this at all.

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Sign Language Interpreter Translates Mandela Memorial Faker:


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The SA government said that a mistake was made. What would the USA government have said if President Obama had been injured or assassinated in the USA? "Mistakes were made." It is never the government or bureaucrat that makes a mistake in the USA. Can the USA develop a drone to take down these "mistakes" that are floating around in the universe?

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The SA government said that a mistake was made.

I heard what the Minister for Women, Children, and Disabled persons said after this; she was completely unrepentant. She would not admit that there was any security risk, or even that the incident was embarrassing to the government. As to "mistakes being made" she was rather non-committal. Still looking into that one, I guess.

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Jean ValJeanDec. 13, 2013 - 10:18AM JST

However, that interpretation was unintelligible to any human.


Mr. Jantjie is saying that he was having visions of angels during this episode. Could it be that he was signing in Angelese?

noriyosan 73Dec. 14, 2013 - 01:50AM JST


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International media now reports that he was once arrested for murder. Yipes! M. Valjean, j'en suis desole, the SA government said that a mistake was made. SOMEBODY made a mistake. The USA government always says, "Mistakes were made." Are there "Mistakes" in the universe waiting to come to fruition?

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This takes the Cake.... A three Ring ..... Nothing but excuses and denial. Shame on them All. And that's just the way it Is !

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