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Singapore demands urgent Indonesia action on smog


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Indonesia did nothing about it last time and this time will be the same.

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I like to correct Harry-Gatto's remarks to: Indonesia did nothing useful, effective or significant the last 20YEARS, and this time will be the same.

I provide here some links to read about the haze: http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20130620-431053.html http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20130620-431049.html

If you conclude after reading that there are some insensitive, stupid Ministers in Indonesia, you're right on.

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We get forest fires here, but we have the emergency system to deal with it since people lose houses and lives from it. HOw good is Indonesia's jungle fire-fighting capabilities?

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@ HonestDictator - these are intentionally started jungle fires as part of Indonesias slash-and-burn program. They dont intend to put them out. The elite in Indonesia are making some huge short-term profits from their abuse and destruction of ancient rainforest. To hell with their poor neighbours like Singapore. Shame, Indonesia.

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These fires are intentionally started and will continue to burn until every field they want burnt is burnt. Then the government will claim credit for stopping the fire. Where is the US and UN? If China was the one doing this to Singapore and Malaysia, international condemnation will be in every media!

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The air is quite clear today, after rain yesterday and last night. In my place, the API has come down to below 100. Sadly, this bickering would never stop if no definite solutions found. Indonesia would always blame it to Malaysia and Singapore because our plantation companies operates there.

It is not easy to stop people from doing what they are used to, slash and burn. We do have some planters and farmers here does the same, and gets worst during dry season like right now. One thing, it is cheaper that way. Another thing is not just to fertilise the soil, but also to get rid of the parasites that would harm crops later on.

Unless researchers found alternatives to this, the slash and burn activities would always used to clear land for plantation.

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