Singapore hangs man for drug trafficking; woman due to be executed Friday


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Japan have to do same thing.

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Heroin kills, fentanyl, kills. They serve no positive purpose other than medically for pain in other derivatives.

Good job SG. I like their set of what's legal and not. They also do what they say they will. Straightforward

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30 grams of heroin or a little more than 1 oz does not justify hanging.

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Damn, harsh punishment.

I like Singapore, but what if someone gets framed and executed? I'm sure it's happened, it's hard to prove you didn't know you were carrying heroin. That's my problem with the death penalty.

If these two people were truly guilty, I'm sure they must have regretted their decisions. But if they were innocent, and are about to die with no one ever knowing that they didn't know they had heroin... it's a nightmare to even consider.

I can't support the death penalty for this reason. Singapore and all countries should leave it behind.

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