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Singapore to make travelers wear electronic tags to enforce quarantine


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Wha a violation of human rights? This is amazing. People are treated just like decease spreading pets.

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Does the Human Rights site reflects all this aberrations?

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What a violation of human rights?

What "human rights" are you referring to here? They are incoming travelers, and if they dont like it, it's their choice to go their or not.

You live here in Japan as a foreigner, you have to carry a residency card. Is that a "human rights" violation? No it's just the law that the country has.

Same in Singapore.

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I can see some privacy, security and freedom issues with that law.

Woman genitalia ablation was a law until last decade in some African countries.

Don't you think that some laws violate Human Rights?

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people that allow themselves to be herded like cattle end up being tagged like cattle...

And that is why USA is number one.

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A good chance for Japan to create tax heaven trading /gambling zones for foreigners. These communist countries are just crazy

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Don't you think that some laws violate Human Rights?

Singapore's country, Singapore's rules. Dont like it? Choose somewhere else for your overseas trip.

So far, Singapore has lost just 27 people to this pandemic - through world-class management. Good for them.

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A Melbourne man has been charged with failing to follow directions to self-isolate for two weeks upon his arrival in South Australia.

SA Police attended a property in Glenelg about 8:00pm on Thursday after receiving information the man was not quarantining at the place nominated by him following his entry into the state from Victoria on Wednesday.

On arrival, police allegedly spotted the man leaving and driving away in a Holden SUV.

Patrols followed the man and upon stopping his car, discovered he had only booked himself accommodation for a single night, as opposed to the 13 nights he was required to self-isolate.

The 35-year-old from Keysborough, in Melbourne's south-east, has been charged with failing to comply with a direction, and was refused bail.

He appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday and was remanded in custody to reappear on August 12.

this guy was refused bail, and remanded in custody in jail for 1 month until the next court hearing. human rights activists please do something !

all these types of so-called self isolate, self quarantines are one of the numerous reasons many original hotspots who thought they were on top of the situation got the surprises in the past few weeks.

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GOOD way.

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Singapore puts on a nice friendly face to the world but their government is only slightly less repressive than the CCP. They even have ladies monitoring the mens room from a booth to make sure you flush the toilet, and it was a $1000 Singapore (about $500 USD) if you didn't. You get bounced by the cops for stretching out on the grass in a park for a little nap. The press is heavily censored. The place is too locked up for its own good.

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Not everywhere wants to be a covid infested hell hole like the USA. Don't like it, don't go.

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None of us has any right to cross national borders.

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I can see some privacy, security and freedom issues with that law.

In a pandemic? Take a long look at how Singapore has dealt with the pandemic. Nope no problems, no issues either, it's their choice.

Dont like it, dont go, that simple.

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They even have ladies monitoring the mens room from a booth to make sure you flush the toilet, 

Dude I have been to Singapore countless numbers of times, and never saw this! People come up with some crazy shite about Singapore.

You can stretch out at the park, you probably did it in an area that had signs "Dont walk on the grass" and decided your needs outweighed the rules of where you were at.

Again, dont like it, dont go! The people who live there dont complain, so why should you? Oh right, you feel like you got screwed for not following the rules.

And btw, anyone who doesnt flush the toilet after using it, is an arse anyway, and should be fined.

Seems like you come from the US, so I understand your arrogance and ignorance, but you should learn Asian countries do things differently.

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