Singapore, Zurich world's most expensive cities: EiU


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The city state has the world's highest transport prices, owing to strict government controls on car numbers.

Take the MRT or bus then. Then it is cheap. But, of course, this annual survey is for expat executives on expense accounts - as if we are expected to believe their bogus reality is reality - and has no relevance for most.

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Sounds like another reason not to move to Singapore. From everything I understand about that place, it is very expensive, has an incredibly rough and competitive work culture, excessively strict on crime and punishment especially as far cannabis is concerned, and lacking in the realm of personal freedoms. The government is corrupt but often gets a pass because people tend to think of Singapore as though it is some corporate paradise. It sounds boring, as well. Not enough fun things to do for people in their twenties and thirties. It's like Japan in some ways, but somehow way more soulless. Just another concrete Asian jungle, but without any of the dazzle Tokyo or Seoul have to offer. More like Dubai if you ask me.

I do like Switzerland. At the very least, that country is breathtakingly beautiful. It makes sense why it is so expensive. Though, it seems like quite an inaccessible place.

New York is bleeding residents and tax revenue, but somehow prices never seem to go down. And the taxes are awful. I personally like NYC but that place is utterly filthy. That and every time you hop on the subway you're likely to encounter either a literal maniac or a clout chaser. A better place to visit than to live.

Hong Kong is basically just another Chinese city now. I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong but due to the circumstances, I just wouldn't feel safe doing so, let alone living and working there.

Tokyo starts to seem a lot more reasonable than all the others in comparison.

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Well, those are globally the financial and bank hubs and grey zone Ponzi as well as tax haven centers, that's what they have in common leading to higher prices.

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i dont think Singaporeans will worried about it, last time i was there, my colleagues will all went over Johore Behru and do the weekend shopping there

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"- among the biggest movers down the rankings this year along with Osaka and Tokyo in Japan."

Almost an afterthought, there, added to the end of this 'World' article...would it be too much to ask what ranking Tokyo placed on the list?

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Luckily Singapore is also so boring so there's no reason to go.

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Singaporeans go across the causeway to Johor Bahru for their weekend shopping and often fill up their cars on fuel on the way back.

The Malaysians working in Singapore prefer living in JB so that they can earn SGD and live a better life in JB after converting it to ringgit.

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I haven't been to Singapore in about a decade. It was expensive at the time. Hotels, food, definitely alcohol.

There's lots to see in Singapore, but I wouldn't want to live there. 4 days is enough.

Too much govt controls and subtle lacks of freedom. Sure, everything seems nice and people are mostly happy, but there are a bunch of little rules that claim to make the place nicer for everyone, but they remind me of that Star Trek episode when Wesley trips into a flower bed and gets a harsh penalty that doesn't reflect the accidental nature of his crime. If that's the price of feeling safe, I'd rather have a little danger.

The Govt in Singapore has as many public cameras as the CCP in China do on a per-person basis. Just assume you are being watched when there. There are 86000+ cameras in Singapore, which makes it the 11th most-surveilled city in the world. The cities above it in the list are all in Mainland China. Chongqing is #1. 168 cameras Chongqing has for every 1,000 people. Singapore is only 15 cameras for every 1,000 people.

I've never been to Switzerland. Seems like a nice place, but too closed to immigration for my tastes. I get the feeling their bank privacy laws are there to protect the guilty, but I really don't know.

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Tokyo seems downright economical compared to the end of the bubble era with one particular (and important) exception: Housing/Rent. When we purchased our condo 22 years ago for 43 million, I needed a few shots and a few deep breaths to sign the loan.

Today, interns of size and location, it seems like an absolute deal of a lifetime. Family-Friendly apartments rent also seem high until you get pretty far out of the city (and we have always appreciated the short commutes).

But other than that (admittedly big) area, I find Tokyo to be a fairly economical city to live in. Clean, reliable, safe, and inexpensive mass transit. Reasonably priced daily goods if one goes to the right places.

Even on rent, if one is willing to overlook the age of the buildings, UR offers clean and safe housing at moderate rents and no ludicrous fees.

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