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Singer Sinead O'Connor 'threatens suicide' in Facebook post


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That's not what we want to remember you for, Sinéad.

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"Nothing compares, to hair."

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She is asking for help. Someone needs to reach out to her and let her know she is wanted, needed or loved and suicide is not the answer to her problems. Life sometimes, many times sucks but death is a one way street and I don't think that someone who posts that they took medicines to kill oneself really wants to kill themselves, they need help and soon.

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Sad to hear that. Suicide is an issue not to laughed at. Great performer, great voice. Sorry to hear that. I hope she can find in some way to get her life back on track

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Her FB page has thrown out some quite distressing posts by a woman who is clearly tormented. I hope her health improves.

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She's not the first nor the last tormented soul who was also an artist; I hope she finds peace and happiness. Don't be mean.

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Suicide is NOT a way to get respect, Sinead. In fact, if you did indeed try it, I've LOST respect for you.

Depression is indeed a terrible thing, and I hope that she can find an outlet for it (maybe in music? despite having 'given it up') and the ability to keep on living.

She's a fantastic singer, with some music to her name that, still today, is amazing and incredibly emotional. I didn't actually know "Nothing Compares 2 U" was a cover (or maybe I did and forgot). Just heard it a couple of weeks ago, by chance, and it's still a tear-jerker.

Here's hoping she gets well. This sounds more like a cry for serious help. It just depends what she wants if she can get it or not.

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That's not what we want to remember you for, Sinéad.

I only remember her for her one hit and SNL pope incident.

Anyways hope she gets the help she needs to be there for her family.

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She's been in a much better position than most people to actually get some help, but has spent a lot of her adult life lashing out at the people closest to her. In the press, as often as not.

I don't think bipolar disorder was a 'misdiagnosis,' she has been hospitalized several times in the past and I also hope that this time is a more lasting turning point in the right direction.

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Her version of The Foggy Dew (with The Chieftains) always gives me goosebumps and lifts my spirits. I hope she finds something to lift her own.

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Who? I googled the name and one of the older Popes shows up...

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“There is no other way to get respect.”

Sure there is. You face your troubles head-on and work through them one by one rather than trying to start up a manipulative pity party on Facebook. This won't garner respect from anyone and will only garner pity from those you successfully manage to manipulate.

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Hasn't she been washed up since 1989?? She's just trying to get attention. If she really "wanted to", she'd be on her way to the undertaker and then the cemetery gates.

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